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Mark Plays... Champ Games (MS-DOS/PC)

ChampGames / Champrogramming / Champ programming was a game developer from the US founded by John W. Champeau. Robert Cole was in charge of sound design. They produced quite a few wonderful ports of classic arcade games around 1996/1997 running on MS-DOS & Windows95 PCs.

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Holy Humble Bundle, it's Batman, F.E.A.R., The Lord of the Rings, and Scribblenauts!

Humble WB Games BundleHumble WB Games BundleJust when I said I wasn't going to regularly post about the amazing Humble Bundles, where you pay what you want for great games and can divvy the proceeds between various charities and the publishers, came word just now about the Humble WB Games Bundle. So much for that! Now it's pay what you want for Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, F.E.A.R. 3, and The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. Beat the average price (presently at $6), and you’ll also unlock Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition and Scribblenauts Unlimited. All games are available on Steam for Windows, while Arkham City is also available on the Macintosh. Check it out here!

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Mark Plays... Burnout (Gamecube)

Burnout - this is the first iteration of a great series of racing games. I explain a little about the game and then I do some gameplay. Neither of which is really good as it is tough to do both at the same time :P

I touch on the new 2013-03 YouTube layout too.

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The Top Free Browser-based Videogame and Computer Emulator Sites - December 2012 Edition

Batman (Amstrad)Batman (Amstrad)Welcome to the December 2012 update to my list of working emulator and simulator sites for various platforms and games. All of these enable play directly within your browser, so there's no sticky business of downloading software and finding the necessary game files to get it all going, though some do offer the option. These are all great sites and we should all show our support. I'd love to keep adding to this list, so suggest away. Here you go:

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Getting Started in Game Programming - Part One

Hello again everyone! This time I want to talk about something very near and dear to my own heart (and wallet): Programming. Specifically, Game Programming. I wanted to address the questions which young gamers always seem to ask, when they first seriously consider the idea of becoming a game programmer... "How do I get started? What language/tool/IDE/program should I download?"

As I've managed to make a pretty good living as an applications and systems-level programmer for nearly 20 years now, and since I've been programming either professionally or as a hobby for over 35 years, I think I'm grey-haired enough to have developed a reasonable opinion on the matter.

John Carmack, making bits behaveJohn Carmack, making bits behave
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Graeme Devine Reveals Upcoming iOS Game Plans

Game Details Leaked!Game Details Leaked!I just finished interviewing Mr. Graeme Devine, designer of The 7th Guest, 11th Hour, Quake III Arena, and Halo Wars. This is the guy who was hired by Apple to make iOS the ideal gaming device--which he did, just before leaving Apple to make his own games for said device. At the end of the interview he decided to spill the beans about his next iOS project. Here's the spoiler:


Matt: I don't know how much you can talk about this game you're working on now, is it confidential?
Graeme: I've given a few clues about it, but I'll let you in on the secret. Okay, here's the story. I'm going to invent a time machine, and I'm going to make the entire country believe in an urban legend, convince everyone that the urban legend is real, and I'm going to scare the heck out of you all.

He's promised to keep us posted at his blog at GRL Games, his small family-run company. At any rate, his hook certainly has me eager to see what the heck he's got planned for us.

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Summer Holiday Portable Gaming 2012

My games on the iPad while vacationing...This time no Pandora, PSP, DS or 3DS for my portable gaming needs.
Suffice to say that my phone more or less features the same setup.

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The New Armchair Arcade TRS-80 Emulation & Gaming Page:

TRS-80 Emulation & GamesTRS-80 Emulation & Games
We here at Armchair Arcade are very happy to announce a new website feature for our audience: An on-line, in-browser emulation of one of the classic 8-bit computers--the TRS-80 Model III personal computer. You can now play and re-live some of the best 1-color, 8-bit gaming goodness of yesteryear!

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TRS-80 Model III Emulation & Gaming!

We here at Armchair Arcade are very pleased to offer you a unique in-browser retro-gaming and emulation experience.

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Match 3 Invaders

Unity Web Player | WebPlayer

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