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Matt Chat 43: Archon

Hi, folks. I'm back this week with a video about one of my favorite two-player games, Free Fall Associates' Archon (1983).

Also: Check out Bill's amazing response video that shows the original packaging and much more!

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Gaming at Christmas Time - A Tradition

For the past several years, an old college friend of mine drops in around Christmas time to pay me a visit and play some games. This list of games is typically quite bizarre. My goal in this entry is to simply walk you through what we played...

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Matt Chat 42: Dragon Age Origins

This week, I look at Bioware's new Dragon Age: Origins, a smash hit to join the ranks of earlier hits like Jade Empire and Knights of the Old Republic. Dragon Age: Origins is a dream come true for many fans of older, more tactically-oriented RPGs, though we're still far from the turn-based micromanagement of games like Pool of Radiance or Wizard's Crown. What I particularly like about DA:O is the emphasis on characters' feelings--which include romance and "adult situations!" Enjoy.

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Matt Chat 41: The Story of Cinemaware with Bob Jacob

Hi, all. I'm back this week with an exclusive interview with Bob Jacob, co-founder of Cinemaware. Cinemaware is on my shortlist of best developers and made several of the Amiga's greatest hits. In the interview, Bob talks about everything from the importance of Deluxe Paint to his love for chesty women. It's great stuff for anyone even remotely interested in the Amiga or cinema-inspired games.

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Matt Chat 40: Sword of Fargoal - Interview with Jeff McCord

Hi, guys! I have a special treat for you this week--a SKYPE interview with Jeff McCord, author of Sword of Fargoal! This is one of my favorite CRPGs, and Jeff did a fantastic job detailing the history of his game and what makes it so special. Check it out, and also check out the awesome SoF contest--be the first to find the Sword of Fargoal, and win $500!

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Matt Chat 39: World of Warcraft MMORPG Double Feature

Hi, guys. I'm back this week with my first two-parter. The first part offers a brief glimpse of pre-WoW MMOs, including muds, Forgotten World (Neverwinter Nights Online), Meridian 59, Everquest, and of course lots of WoW footage. The second part is a "live" recording of my friend Max Shelton and I doing a short quest and discussing the game. Enjoy!

Part One:

Part Two:

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Matt Chat's Legacy of the Ancients

This, week, I cover Quest Software's Legacy of the Ancients for the Commodore 64!

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Matt Chat 37: Bullfrog's Syndicate

Here it is, folks, the new Matt Chat--this time on one of my favorite Amiga/DOS games, Syndicate!

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Matt Chat 36: Starcraft and the RTS Genre

In this week's episode, I review Blizzard's 1998 masterpiece Starcraft, widely considered the best real-time strategy game ever made.

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