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RetroGamingRoundUp Podcast 16 - February 2010 (includes Wii Fitness for Dummies review!)

RetroGamingRoundUp Podcast 16, February 2010, is now available at the RetroGamingRoundUp Website and at online distribution locations like iTunes. There is even a review of our new book, Wii Fitness for Dummies at the 340:50 (05:40:50) mark! Congrats to them for being the first ones out of the gate with a review and much appreciation for the coverage.


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Retro Gaming RoundUp - Episode 2 now out! - RoundUp 002 - The Difficult Second RoundUp

The second episode of the exciting new retro gaming podcast, Retro Gaming RoundUp - The Centre/Center Of Your Retro Gaming Universe, is now available, and it's another long one at 333:45 minutes! Be sure to listen for the mention of our "Vintage Games" book and Gamasutra bonus articles at approximately the 283:20 mark during their "News and Mailbag" segment.

Get it here:

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