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Casual Photos: Boxed Dragon and TRS-80 Software

As a sequel of sorts, I have more casual iPhone photos of boxed Dragon (Tano Dragon, Dragon 32/64) software, as well as TRS-80 software, including an improbable official conversion of Sega's classic Zaxxon arcade game. See below:

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Casual Photos: Flight Simulator II (CoCo3) and Aliens: The Computer Game (Apple II)

Today's casual iPhone photos are of the boxes for SubLOGIC's Flight Simulator II, by Bruce Artwick and Matt Toschlog for the Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer 3, and Activision's Aliens: The Computer Game by Steve Cartwright, among others, for the Apple II. We of course had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Cartwright along with David Crane for the upcoming feature film documentary, Woot!: The Videogame Revolution. The photos:

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Casual Look at the Box for Mattel's Checkers, Intellivision Version

Today's casual iPhone photos are of 1979's Checkers by Mattel Electronics for the Mattel Intellivision. It was programmed by David Rolfe and produced by APh Technological Consulting. This game was also rebranded by Sears (as Super Video Arcade Checkers), as they were wont to do with Intellivision and Atari Video Computer System items at the time so they could pretend they were their own, and also renamed by Mattel as Draughts in Great Britain because they probably wouldn't have known what a "Checkers" was over there (Warning: They also like to incorrectly call soccer "football" and the Sega Genesis the Sega "Mega Drive" as well apparently, so it's probably best to avoid that region entirely). Not surprisingly for such a hot commodity, there was a fourth version of Checkers released on the platform through INTV Corporation in 1987, this time as part of Triple Challenge. Though it's unclear from the title, Checkers was actually one of three games included in the Triple Challenge cartridge, with the other two being previously released as well, Chess and Backgammon, which were originally in the form of the licensed USCF Chess (1983) and ABPA Backgammon (1979).

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Casual Photos: Nightmare Creatures II, The Ultimate Doom, and Monster Maze

Today's casual iPhone photos, which are a real mixed bag (shown below): Konami's Nightmare Creatures II (2000) for the Sega Dreamcast, id's The Ultimate Doom (1995) with Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed for the Apple Macintosh, and Tandy's Monster Maze (1983) for the Radio Shack Color Computer.

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Quick Snaps of the New Fairchild VES/Channel F Pac-Man Homebrew and the Skunk Board for the Atari Jaguar

More quick iPhone photos of new collection additions, this time the amazing new homebrew cartridge for the Fairchild Video Entertainment System (VES)/Channel F, Pac-Man, with an impressive flip-top cartridge shell design, and the Skunk Board (Skunkboard) for the Atari Jaguar, which is a USB-based Jaguar development board containing flash memory as well as the ability to upload to Jaguar RAM. At some point the full color box and manual for the Pac-Man cartridge will also arrive and I'll do a full video review of that and the Pac-Man Collection for the ColecoVision, each of which is stunning in their own right and would have set the world on fire if they were released when these systems were still new.

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40 Capsule Not-Quite-Reviews of my Current iPhone Applications

iPhone 3GiPhone 3GI thought I would do some quikie capsule not-quite-reviews of the applications on my iPhone and why I have them on there, including the games, since it's the only device I've really had time to use in the last few weeks. These will be examined in the order of how I have them placed on the menu, from left to right, top to bottom (apps I added in BOLD):

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Lots of thoughts on my new iPhone

Well, after seeing what seemed like every Tom, Dick and Harriet with an iPhone during our trip to San Francisco and noting that several critical barriers (Outlook synchronization, coming Slingbox support, etc.) had fallen over time for the device, as well as my wife getting a new LG Shine in a pinch because the battery on her Samsung Blackjack II had bit the dust, I decided now was as good of a time as any to change phones from my own Samsung Blackjack II to a white 16GB iPhone, particularly since if you go with a refurb on the AT&T site you can save $100 off the price (and this applies to either the 8GB or 16GB model). The fact that we were already AT&T customers sealed the deal.

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An Interview with Chris Dillman: iPhone Game Developer

It's my pleasure to publish an interview I conducted with Mr. Chris Dillman concerning game development. Chris is an iPhone and Mac OS X Software Developer with Plaid World Studios, a casual game company. Enjoy!

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