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Matt's Podcast June Edition

Hi, guys, I had the itch to do an audio podcast today, so here ya go! Don't expect slick production values, though--this is just some off-the-cuff stuff about all the exciting things Bill and I have been working on. Those projects include the forthcoming Vintage Game Consoles book, Frayed Knights II dungeons, and of course Matt Chat interviews and retrospectives. If you'd like to propose topics for me to cover in future episodes, please do so below!
Download or stream the podcast here.
Now back to work!

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Matt Chat 197: Lord British on Virtue

Lord British returns this week to flesh out our discussion of the later Ultima games, including the groundbreaking virtue system. Richard relates some of his favorite fan mails and comments, which include a heartfelt letter about a little girl whose life was changed forever by Ultima.

Please help spread the word about Matt Chat by posting this episode on your favorite social networking and bookmarking sites! Download the episode here.

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Matt Chat 192: Neal Hallford on Betrayal at Krondor

In my second installment of my interview with Neal Hallford, we chat about his masterpiece, Betrayal at Krondor. Famous among CRPG aficionados for its epic story and superb writing, BaK is set in the fantasy world of Raymond E. Feist. Unfortunately, Neal did such a great job mimicking Feist's style that many people wrongly assume that it was Feist who penned the game script! The interview also covers why a proper sequel to the game was never made.

Download the mp4.

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Matt Chat 191: Neal Hallford's Early Days

This week's Matt Chat features the first slice of an interview with fantasy author and game designer Neal Hallford, best known for his work on Betrayal at Krondor, Dungeon Siege, and Planet's Edge. He talks here about his roots and inspirations, which include Cinematronic's Space Wars arcade game. We also chat about his time at New World Computing, where he worked with Might and Magic creator JVC. There's lots of great stuff here for retro fans to enjoy.

Download the MP4.
You can support Neal's new Kickstarter project for his fantasy novel here.

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Matt Chat 188: Joel Billings on the Decline of SSI

Joel Billings is back for one final time (at least for this interview series!) to tell us about the decline and fall of his one great company. Why isn't SSI with us today? Then there's the great What-ifs--What if Trip Hawkins had been at the meeting with EA? What if SSI had held off just a bit longer before selling out to Mindscape? Enjoy!

Download the episode.

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Matt Chat 187: Lord British on Shroud of the Avatar

This week, I'm pleased to present a very special guest: Richard "Lord British" Garriott, the father of computer role-playing games. I'm sure this man needs no introduction with you guys. We talk mostly here about his Shroud of the Avatar kickstarter, which you definitely don't want to miss if you're a fan of Ultima and Ultima Online. The game will offer some really neat innovations, including a scalable multiplayer option and tons more interactivity than we've grown accustomed to. I'm in at the $125 tier for the box and cloth map.

Download the mp4.

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Matt Chat 186: Tom Hall on his Worlds of Wander Kickstarter

This week I'm joined by distinguished designer and id co-founder Tom Hall. In this first 20 mins or so of a 60+ minute interview, we chat about Tom's Kickstarter project Worlds of Wander. An ambitious platform game creator tool, WoW has unfortunately not done well, raising only $45,000 of a $400,000 goal. Tom's obviously disappointed and bit disheartened, but we still have a good chat about platform gaming in general and some of Tom's picks for exemplars that aspiring designers should study.

Download the mp4.

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Matt Appears on All Gen Gamers Podcast

MadonnaMadonnaI had the honor a few days ago of being a guest on the All Gen Gamers podcast. The topics are pretty eclectic, ranging from Samantha Fox Strip Poker to Madonna's bush (what'd you expect when you put a bunch of 30-something retrogamers together?). We also talk about Matt Chat, PC games, and much more. If you aren't familiar with this podcast, it's hosted by the top dogs of the YouTube retrogaming community. I highly recommend all of their channels; suffice it to say, if you like Matt Chat, you'll love these guys.
Download the episode here.

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Matt Chat 162: Graeme Devine and The 7th Guest

Matt Chat fans, you are in for a great episode this week: It's Graeme Devine on the amazing story of The 7th Guest, a bestselling, groundbreaking adventure game that helped launch the CD-ROM as a storage medium. It was so ambitious that it actually got Graeme and his partner fired from Mastertronic, only to re-form as their own company and release this beast upon the world. It made them overnight sensations. Grab some popcorn and hear what all the fuss was about!

Download the video here.

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Matt Chat 150: Piracy, DRM, and Digital Media with Shane R. Monroe

Episode 150! Even I'm amazed that I've produced so many episodes. So many reviews! So many interviews! So many bad jokes! Yes, it's time to celebrate. Besides a great interview with Shane R. Monroe--who I assume most of you are familiar with here, I offer up a special "thank you" in the form of an old school demo!

You can download the video here. Below are some thoughts on the show and reflections on 150.

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