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Adventure Games (aka Interactive Fiction), both textual and graphical.
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What's so great about adventure games?

I received a notification today that Google is about to shutter Reader, so in my quest for finding a replacement (I ended up with Feedly), a blog post from Rampant Coyote caught my eye. He features the new trailer for Broken Age, which I must say just doesn't impress me as much as I hoped it would. Then Jay talks about how he has plenty of unfinished adventure games on his shelf now, just as he did back in 92. Like Jay, I also tended to give up on many adventure games, only finishing LucasArts classics like Monkey Island and a few other series such as Myst, Broken Sword, Gabriel Knight, etc.

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Play it Again for the First Time - King's Quest I (AGI): Day 3 (Final)

King's Quest AGI BoxTonight, we completed King's Quest I.

Our approach was quite different. We didn't know what to do about a giant in the game - how to defend ourselves, kill him, etc. We knew this from the previous night. Before starting the game tonight, Laura said that she wanted to discuss what to do next in the game. I was a bit shocked and said that I didn't really do "pregame." Rather, I just load up a game and play. So we loaded it up.

...but perhaps having a pregame exercise is a great idea when it comes to adventure games...

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Play it Again for the First Time - King's Quest I (AGI): Day 2

King's Quest AGI BoxDay 2 of KQ1 was a true reflection of the nature of any given adventure game - We had to start over. The fun factor remained despite this, and we found ourselves establishing that "adventure gaming rhythm" that you want to have during gameplay.

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Play it Again for the First Time - King's Quest I (AGI): Day 1

King's Quest AGI Box I have several new years resolutions for 2011. One of them is to replay most of my library of Sierra adventure games. I started this year out by playing the original version of King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown. I played the game with my wife, and she hasn't played it before. I am therefore titling blog entries like this one "Play it Again for the First Time."

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Legal Version of Machinarium $5 through August 12th

The popular indie title Machinarium is now available for only $5 as part of a "pirate amnesty" sale. Apparently, the Czech developers are convinced that only a tiny fraction of the people who enjoyed this game actually paid for it, but here's their chance (as well as a good chance for the rest of us) to grab this highly praised game for cheap. There's no excuse to pirate a $5 game, folks. They even released a cool song for the occasion. Grab it while you can!

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Matt Chat 22: ICOM Simulations' Macventure series

At long last, here it is. Matt Chat 22: Deja Vu, Uninvited, Shadowgate, and Macventures. I was finally able to get my classic Mac emulator (mini vmac) up and running, so please enjoy--a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into getting this footage! :)

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Loom, The Dig, Star Wars, Indiana Jones - Now on Steam!

Good news for adventure game fans--LucasArts is releasing several of its best graphical adventure games on Steam. Of particular note here is The Dig, which is one of my very favorite adventures and a seriously underrated title in my opinion.

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Hardy Boys Review Up

FYI--Adventure Classic Gaming has just posted my review of The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft.

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Zelda & Zork

Well, as you can see from the above titles, I'm going to be working on the two games that will appear last in the book. We've still got quite a few chapters left, and the publisher is really pushing us to get this thing done so they can start prepping it for printing.

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Benoit Sokal Interview Up

Philip has just posted our interview with Benoit Sokal, designer of the highly acclaimed Syberia games and a half dozen more recent titles. It's well worth reading for anyone interested in GAG development or the state of the genre.

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