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The Web Writing Style Guilde

I thought some folks here might be interested in the just-released Web Writing Style Guide. It was produced by an "unconference" of professors and instructors by a "writing sprint," a sort of ad hoc collaboration project. It turned out well in my opinion, so head over and see if you might learn something.

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Rambling Thoughts on Writing, Methodologies and Techniques with Tips - Mine and Yours

I'd love to hear others' opinions and thoughts on this topic, so I may as well lay my own out first. Matt had sent me an interesting link yesterday about Steven Johnson's writing techniques and mention of his recent use of DEVONthink, which is listed as a "Personal Information Assistant", and is essentially a database for copying and pasting all kinds of info in an organized manner for later access, and is particularly useful for those writing books or research intensive articles or papers. Always intrigued by such things, I checked it out, but alas it's only for the Mac platform so it's not something that's viable for me at the moment since I use those as secondary, not primary systems (which are still all Windows XP- and Vista-based). This got me reflecting on my own ever evolving writing style and idea/reference storage techniques over the years.

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