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New Zizzle Atari Home Pinball Machine

The Pinball Blog has a short write-up on an apparently new home pinball machine from Zizzle, this time with a classic Atari theme. It looks great, and by my calculations, will be their third generation product. If you remember, I have the first generation model, shown in the photo at the bottom of this blog post. The second generation added a few minor improvements, including more environmental lighting. Both models sold for between $100 - $500 depending upon when and where you were able to score one.

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Photos of Home Arcade Machine Area and More with Commentary

I wanted to take some decent but casual and unedited photos of my home arcade machine (from Dream Authentics, purchased several years back) and immediate surrounding area (part of the basement/den) so I can more easily refer to specific items when discussing them going forward. Also, enough has changed since last year to justify this update for January 2009. Any questions, ask away. Note, you can click on each photo and then select a larger size. Also, when you go to the Flickr area, I highlighted a few active areas on some of the photos with notes.

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