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Runaway - The Dream of the Turtle

It seems like classic graphical adventure games on the PC are making a comeback. One in particular called Runaway - The Dream of the Turtle is keeping the tradition of the comedic narrative and hand-drawn animated look typical of adventure games produced by Sierra, LucasArts, and other studios in the early 1990s. Although the game makes heavy use of cell shading, the game uses fixed angles and beautifully hand-drawn animated backdrops done in high resolution.

It seems that there are two games in the series, one released in 2003, and the other (above) which has just been released. Both games are available as digital downloads through the game's website. It's rather unfortunate I missed the first game in the series, it seems that these types of games don't get a lot of publicity in many game media outlets.

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Coleco resurrected?

Could this be the product Coleco has been talking about for a while? I hope not, but until a unit is issued that includes real Coleco games it will have to do.

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Breaking News: Out of Business due to Multiple Sony Lawsuits

Wow, color me surprised! Despite being a bit on the melodramatic side, I'm quite dissapointed in this. I guess we'll be ending our affiliate program with them and my only Wii and PS3 pre-orders at present are no more...


Hong Kong, October 24th of 2006 -, the popular gaming retailer from Hong Kong, has today announced that it is forced to close down due to multiple legal actions brought against it by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Sony claimed that Lik-Sang infringed its trade marks, copyright and registered design rights by selling Sony PSP consoles from Asia to European customers, and have recently obtained a judgment in the High Court of London (England) rendering Lik-Sang's sales of PSP consoles unlawful.

G-Phoria 2006 Awards - Vote Today!

Head on over to G4TV's website and vote for your favorite games of the year. Sure, this television awards show had a rough start but it looks like it's the closest we'll get to a respected televised awards show recognizing excellence in gaming, if you ignore all the blatant corporate sponsorship. Besides, it's really

E3 gone?

A buzz is going on right now that many people are believing that E3 may be canceled period. According to, Entertainment Software Association (ESA) are talking about plans to downsize E3, but not cancel it completely. These events can cause E3 to lose its major role as the biggest gaming trade show in the world.

Gamespot: "ESA to


Last winter a very interesting PSP title was release in Japan with the name "Baito Hell 2000." It's a collection of very odd mini-games which if you completed correctly you "earn" money. With the money you "earned" you're able to unlock more mini-games and real life tools such as a Ramen timer. From looking at the weird mini-games a chance to bring Baito Hell 2000 to the US was slim. Now D3 Publishing of America is bringing the title to the US as "WTF." WTF actually means "WorkTimeFun," and the title fits with the theme very well. ;) According to D3 Publishing of America, noting from American version of WTF will be removed (in other words D3 is only translating the game to English, noting else).

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50 Worst Videogame Titles Ever?

What, no "Willy Byte in the Digital Dimension" for the Apple II?What, no "Willy Byte in the Digital Dimension" for the Apple II?Game Revolution has a new version of the traditional favorite article type online - the "best of" - in regards to "The 50 Worst Video Game Names of All Time". Of course you need to go into these things with an open mind, as "All Time" never really means that they covered every game for every system ever, but that doesn't make it any less fun to read. Can you think of some of your own worst titles that you've been exposed to over the years?

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LOGO SURVIVOR ROUND 1 Which rough logo concept do you like the most?

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12. Dragon57:
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25% (2 votes)
Total votes: 8
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Will you BUILD or BUY your next gaming rig?

Olympic torch burns for gaming?

Well, Ted Owen, founder of The Global Gaming League wants gaming part of the Olympics. While China gives gaming the green light, Olypic officals didn't give the green light as of right now.

More info read here:

Personal Take:

I love video games and such, but I don't believe that gaming should be part of the Olypics.

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