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Matt Chat 149: Diablo

With all the attention of the CRPG community focused on Diablo III, I thought it only fitting to give a retrospective on the 1996 game that launched the franchise--the original Diablo! Reducing the complex CRPG gameplay mechanics to utter simplicity, Blizzard offered up a mesmerizing clickfest that's enjoyed by thousands today. It also introduced "Battle.net," a value-add that allowed groups of players to co-op or compete online--for free!

Download the mp4 here.

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Diablo 2 - Back in Action

Diablo II. It just doesn't quite go away.

My first experience with Diablo was via a demo I played in 1996. I remember playing it and thinking, "I have GOT to buy this game." I have to say that as soon as it was out, it was in my hands. Seems like I even paid more money for it than I had to since I bought it at a mom & pop shop rather than a large chain. No big deal - It was game time.

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Finished Diablo

I finally managed to beat the original Diablo after a few weeks of off-and-on playing. I chose to play as a warrior, which probably wasn't the best choice since so much of the latter game is dealing with ranged attacks (warriors are up close and personal). Nevertheless, I was able to prevail, and by the time I finally got to Diablo, I was able to kill him in a few seconds.

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