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A catch-all for anything not covered elsewhere...
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Help Us Recruit New Members!

AAAAGreetings, everyone. I hope you are enjoying the new site and having fun reading all of our blogs and news. However, we need your help to really get this site rolling. Here's an easy way to help out. First, email or get in touch with a friend or two that you think would be interested in this site. If they decide to register, send them the referral link on your profile page (the page that pops up when you hit "my account" on the sidebar). At the bottom of your profile will be a special link that will let them register on the site, using you as a referral. The system will keep track of who has referred whom--and we're counting on each of you to spur our development. Perhaps we'll even give the top referrer a free copy of our planned "Best Of" print issue (coming soon).

As always, thank you for making Armchair Arcade the best place on the net for intelligent discussion about gaming!

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Slightly concerned

I am posting here with a slight concern - it is about the content of the blogs posted by the staff.

Is this site simply going to become another "talk about the news" site? I am aware that articles are being written and that these take time, AND that the site is beta, but I would rather have conversations about occasional articles and some major news items than have the site just turn into "yet another news site" - there are plenty of others that do that..

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Update Your User Profile!

I just added some stuff to the user profile page--bios and a spot to list the game/s you're currently playing! To check it out, click "my account" and "edit" to enter your new information. New users will get the chance to enter this info when they register. Oh--and if you think of some other info you think we should put on this page, let us know!

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The Perfect Pocket PC?

After returning from our "last hurrah before baby number 2 cruise", my wife and I went to see if we could get new cell phones, since our Nokia 6820's just weren't cutting it anymore. Luckily, even though we were originally AT&T Wireless customers, they were bought out by Cingular, so we were in reality Cingular customers now, and they finally had a mechanism in place to transfer customers to new phones and plans without penalty (and of course keeping the same phone number). Also, now was a good time since the company I work for, Volt, has a corporate deal with them for minor discounts.

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Blogging for Armchair Arcade

Several people are asking about the blogging features here at Armchair Arcade. Basically, the way we've been talking about this site is that most of the interaction will consist of comments on blogs and articles (once we get the issues up). Things are running a bit slowly during this beta phase, but we plan to have at least one new blog post up per day (probably two or three once things get rolling). Since we knew there would be lots of demand for a general chit-chat area, we decided to include forums on the new site. If you just want to talk informally about something unrelated to a blog post, the forums are ideal.

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What I'm doing games-wise

Playing : have got back into Mario Kart 64 - never did win all the cups - well, during the week I finally won gold in all cups at 150cc and just won gold today in Mushroom Cup Mirror/Extra mode. Holy God though : Toad's Turnpike (Flower Cup) is a nightmare in mirror mode - racing against the flow of traffic!

Developing : trying to get myself to move on my Super Robot sequel (107 downloads from www.codersworkship.com !!!) in Blitz Basic, and a new super improved version of Video Poker in Visual Basic 6) I'm coding too much in work at the moment , so I can't face it when I get home.

Where is Everybody, What Games are you Playing and What Games have you Completed

I see that this site was started back around the March 2006 timeframe, at least from looking at the first blogs. Where is everybody now? Not much happening at the old site. I see a couple of you are on vacation.

Also, what games are you playing and have you finished any recently? Here's my list:

Playing, heavy rotation:

Super Mario World
Metroid Prime, Hunters
Castlevania, Dawn of Sorrow

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Blazing Angels: Squadrons of Doom Demo - First Look; Test Drive Unlimited; Ridge Racer 6

I had some time tonight to update the downloads on my Xbox 360 with the latest demos and Xbox Live Arcade stuff. Three games in particular that I got to try were "Test Drive Unlimited", "Ridge Racer 6" and "Blazing Angels: Squadrons of Doom". Only one truly stood out, and from the title of this posting, I think you can figure out which one...

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