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A Stupid Idea

I like to play computer/videogames. There are many of these games and I want to play them all, even the bad ones. In one lifetime, I can't. Well, I technically could, but then, at the end of it (the lifetime) would I be able to call it a life? With my clawed hands and burned out eyes on my deathbed, would I relish having consumed all possible videogames or would I curse my life as wasted?

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The Pig That Saved Christmas

A recent post (Mission in Snowdriftland) and the ensuing dialogue at Armchair Arcade reminded me of this Christmas oriented platform game. If the presents are already wrapped, and it's time to kick back with an egg nog or some hot cocoa, then visit the Playdo Christmas page and try Save the Santa.

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Check out PlayFirst's "Believe in Santa - Sandy's Story" and "Holiday Bonus"

Just a heads-up for the holiday that you can check out PlayFirst's latest games any time on Armchair Arcade by going to "Special Offers" on our left hand menu and clicking on a link. That same information is below for easy reference. These games really are a blast and are also available for purchase. We'll keep you updated in this topic as new games are released. Be sure to check out the holiday themed "Believe in Santa - Sandy's Story" and "Holiday Bonus". Happy Holidays everyone!

Try out neo|classics such as Diner Dash and Chessmaster Challenge at PlayFirst now!
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Help Needed: Advice about New CMS/Blogger Software

Well, as you can plainly see, Armchair Arcade is back to constant "max connections errors" (we love you, Modhost!). Anyway, we've decided to get very serious about moving to another CMS or blog package, and I'd like to get your advice about which one would work better than Drupal, which, unfortunately, needs much better hosting than we can afford to work properly. In Drupal's defense, it seems to do everything we need fairly well (though not perfect), and I'd sure hate to end up with something worse.

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Role Models Can Play Video Games

When I read this strip from Running in the Halls, I knew I wanted to post about it. I am that strange breed of adult that confounds the younger folk with video game knowledge. And it's really not so strange, my generation grew up with video games, and for the most part they are certainly more geared for adults than they were years ago. But I don't think it's the adult thing that stops many from continuing playing. It's the time thing.

Where is AA going?

I need to make a comment here, even if it is a bit late.

The blog format killed the interactive feeling of community that the original AA forums wanted to re-create.

AA was formed for a reason, and that was to continue a discussion that had ended on a site that had ended it’s time.

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Midway at the Mall

I was picking up the kids' Christmas pictures (aka our Christmas cards) at JCPenney the other day, when I came across the Midway Arcade. The baby fell asleep in the stroller, and this arcade machine intrigued me more than shopping for Christmas presents. (Giving is cool, it's the shopping part that can be a nuisance.) Anyway the last player had been playing Defender, so I tried that out first. The controls were stiff, but the old games are much better played with a joystick than with your corporate-issue Sony Playstation controller. I tried Wizard of Wor next. I hadn't played that one since my Atari 800XL days, so that was a real treat, untril I got treated to a beat down after about three levels. Nowhere near "The Arena" (level 8), but they say those reflexes slow down with age, so I guess its downhill afte age 11.

need help?

Hey! My Name Is Chris, Obviously From The Name, But I Was Curious If You May Need Any Assistance In Game Development. The Emulators Are Great, But I Believe Simple Standalone PC Executable Would Hit A Much Bigger Market. No Extra Emu Downloads Etc. No Drag To This Or Open With That Heh. I Can Easily Create Any Genre PC Game Or Program, However, I'm Not Big Into Sprite Creation, But Can Easily Implement Them In Games. Let Me Know If Your Interested, No Need For Payment And Such, Unless The Game Itself Creates Additional Currency. All I Would Need Is The Sprites (Images any Size) Original Non-Copyrighted Sounds, Design-Concepts And Just A Basic Feel For What I Would Be Developing.

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Neave Asteroids

Please enjoy this free game, courtesy of Neave Games and Armchair Arcade. Special offers.

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Neave Tetris N-Blox

Please enjoy this free game, courtesy of Neave Games and Armchair Arcade. Special offers.

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