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Unboxing a new addition, this is a cool one!

Unboxing a real sweet deal this time. I got this from Shawn Sr. of Atariage forums!

If you are an oldschool or retro gaming fan (I assume you are if you are subscribed to me lol!) you no doubt are aware of ATARIAGE but if not then what are you waiting for? Go check it out now! Join the FORUMS!


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A Visual Look at the 1985 book, I CAN BE A COMPUTER OPERATOR, by Catherine Matthias

Back on November 23, 2009, the Awful Library Books blog featured a book entitled, I CAN BE A COMPUTER OPERATOR (1985, Childrens Press), by Catherine Matthias. After expressing interest in the book in the comments, I was contacted about and subsequently received the book through a generous anonymous donation. What immediately attracted me to the book were the wonderful period photos, particularly of home and education personal computer use. I have now taken photos of the entire book and made them available, here. The book is also available used on Amazon and via other resellers if you're interested. I posted a few of my favorite images of the book below. Can you name the systems (and when possible, the games on the screen) in each of the photos from the small selection of my favorites from the book below? (you may need to click through and select "All Sizes" and see the original resolution to make out the details)

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Diablo 2 - Back in Action

Diablo II. It just doesn't quite go away.

My first experience with Diablo was via a demo I played in 1996. I remember playing it and thinking, "I have GOT to buy this game." I have to say that as soon as it was out, it was in my hands. Seems like I even paid more money for it than I had to since I bought it at a mom & pop shop rather than a large chain. No big deal - It was game time.

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GameFan Magazine and Controversy!

This episode all about GameFan magazine, a cool glossy videogame publication that unfortunately was the source of some controversy back in the day. Find out the details in the video and as always please comment, rate, subscribe and send friend requests!

Magazine info and history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GameFan

The GameFan controversy: http://www.goodcowfilms.com/farm/basement/ga-archive/gamefan-incident-01... and http://wapedia.mobi/en/Gamefan

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Video: Vintage Games Book Italian Edition

Bill Loguidice shows the Italian translation of Vintage Games, which is available at www.vintagegames.it, and discusses the book in general, as well as the upcoming feature film from Lux Digital Pictures, Gameplay.

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Restoring the HP TouchSmart IQ524 - A Quick Photo Summary

Well, my wife and I have been jinxed these past few weeks, with various expensive house repair issues and an as-always bad timing computer disaster. This time, it was my relatively new HP TouchSmart IQ524 and its 500GB hard drive. Apparently the extraordinary issues I was having with creating Armchair Arcade TV Episode 1 - Route 16, was not entirely software or inherently system limitation related. By this past Thursday, my system's hard drive died, as in no longer bootable and no longer even data accessible, which makes some of the performance issues leading up to the complete failure explainable. Ironically, an MXM (laptop specific slot, which is what my all-in-one desktop PC has on its motherboard) video card that I had ordered from China just came in as well after a month long wait. My only option then was to run out to the store (an Office Depot by my work in this case) and plunk down the $85+ for a new 500GB 7200RPM Seagate Barracuda hard drive (I could have spent more for a 1.5TB HD - the only other option there - but it would have had less performance and I really don't need the extra space at this point). Since the original hard drive was no longer accessible, my only recourse was to restore from a hard drive clone from the middle of December. Luckily, as was the case with the last computer disaster with the Gateway, most of my important data was either in the cloud or on a flash drive, so once I went through the entirely too long process of getting the clone data off of my network server onto a USB drive so the amazing Acronis True Image 11 could work its restoration magic, it was a relatively easy process to get back to 100%. Unfortunately, this process took from late Friday until this morning (Sunday), so, of course, this put my already packed schedule behind schedule, including getting a script revision over to Matt Barton, studying for an "exam", and getting the second episode of Armchair Arcade TV produced. Such is life. What follows are photos of the take-apart-and-put-back-together process with my HP TouchSmart, along with some light commentary, including how the video card purchase seems to have been an ill-advised one:

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Video: Pac-Man (2009, Tim Ryan & Fredric Blaholtz) for the Fairchild VES/Channel F/System II

Since I had to pull my Fairchild console out anyway to capture some additional footage for the documentary, I thought I would take a moment to do something I've been meaning to do for some time. This is just a direct capture of the 2009 homebrew Pac-Man cartridge by Tim Ruan and Fredric Blaholtz for the Fairchild Video Entertainment System (VES), which was the first ever programmable cartridge-based console, released all the way back in 1976. This was recorded off of my Fairchild Channel F System II, a later revision of the console that redirected the previously internal sound out to the TV to better match the feature set of later competing systems like the Atari 2600 VCS. Naturally, this game is an amazing achievement for a Fairchild system that has a library of fairly simple and blocky games. The occasional graphical glitchiness in various parts seems to be related to my system and/or my capture device, not necessarily the game itself.

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Gaming at Christmas Time - A Tradition

For the past several years, an old college friend of mine drops in around Christmas time to pay me a visit and play some games. This list of games is typically quite bizarre. My goal in this entry is to simply walk you through what we played...

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