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The Time Police (Working Towards a Pitch)

I've been working on this thing I'm calling a game pitch for a few weeks now and thought it was time to put it out there to see what people think of the general concept. In a nutshell, this is Deus Ex with Time Travel, Tactical Combat, and Disco Dancing. I've also made big changes to the way character creation, leveling, and dialog are handled.

It's not complete, but I think there's enough here for you to get the basic idea and see whether it sounds like something you'd be interested in playing. It's not totally original or super ambitious or anything, but for what it's worth I've tried to imagine the sort of game I'd most like to play and this is it.

Let me know what you like about it first, and then we can get down to what needs re-thinking.

Oh, I know for sure this is way, way beyond anything I'm personally capable of developing myself. The "dream scenario" is that we could get this to a real developer who can turn the dream into reality (without, let's hope, altering it beyond recognition).

Hellgate F2P, Rusty Hearts and More mussing on WOT f2P

I keep saying it, im a MMO addict.. Im skipping the RPG part as IM quite enjoying some other types. I tedn to try them all and play most at least a month unless there are glareing issues (opinion).

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Dreamcast VGA gaming

I have at long last got around to upgrading the 2nd house TV which is the main "downstairs gaming TV". A nice 32" Sony LCD. Have connected the Wii up via component cable and it looks splendid. Because the screen isn't too big the Wii's shortcomings aren't an issue; it upscales DVDs nicely too - just tested disc 1 of LOTR - Fellowship and the results are very nice.

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Open TAG Positive points about crappy consoles, handhelds, computers.

OK, now there are famously bad consoles, handhelds, computers, that are well known and seem to be brought up constantly (CDi bad games / Virtua Boy hard on eyesight / Jaguar poor support / 3DO expensive etc) now fanboyism aside, personally I believe every one of these and all the rest no matter how bad served a purpose whether it was a niche need or simply teaching others what NOT to do lol! Wit this in mind I would like you to name a system that many people "hate" on or maybe just that is not a personal favorite and name at least one good point (OR MORE) about this system!

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Retrosexual (Matt's Latest Musical Journey)

BardRetrosexualHi, guys. I've been working on a new song for the past couple of weeks and thought I'd upload it here for your enjoyment. I plan to make a fun video to go with it, but would like to see what you think of the tune first. I'm particularly interested in what parts you find the funniest.
Download Retrosexual.mp3.

Thanks, and happy listening! Lyrics below.

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Remarkable Auctions: 09/21/2011 Mixed Bag

DinoPark Tycoon (3DO)DinoPark Tycoon (3DO)This time I look at recently closed auctions for Dot Gobbler (OEM, 1983, C-64), a Fairchild VES (1976) setup, and DinoPark Tycoon (MECC, 1994, 3DO).

  • Dot Gobbler (OEM, 1983, C-64): Sold for $124.49 plus shipping and handling. Though the auction says for the Vic-20 as well, I've seen no evidence of this also working on the Vic-20, and no reason to think that it might. All indications seem to point to this being a mediocre Pac-Man knock-off, so its true value is no doubt its rarity.
  • Fairchild VES (1976) setup: Sold for $271.00 plus shipping and handling. For whatever reason, Fairchild Video Entertainment Systems (VES), later known as Fairchild Channel F and then later released by Zircon as the Fairchild Channel F System II in a redesign, have been slowly creeping up in value over the past year or so. While I admire it as the first recognizable programmable videogame system and there have been some interesting homebrew cartridges (by the same person) in recent years, I'm at a loss to explain the sudden revival in interest in what has always been a system that has received a rather lukewarm reception, despite its historical significance. Maybe that's changing.
  • DinoPark Tycoon (MECC, 1994, 3DO): Sold for $640.00 plus shipping and handling. I'm blown away by this one. While I have a large 3DO collection, I'm not as well versed in the relative rarity of certain titles, DinoPark Tycoon included. The 3DO was always lambasted for focusing too much on edutainment products so I'm a bit surprised at the interest in this one, though, despite appearances and who developed it, this title definitely errs more on the game side of the equation. As with Dot Gobbler above, I guess rarity trumps all else.
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9 Hit Videogames Whose Follow-Ups Disappointed

I read this article titled
"9 Hit Videogames Whose Follow-Ups Disappointed"

LINK: http://www.toplessrobot.com/2011/09/9_hit_videogames_whose_follow-ups_fl...

Now, I don't necessarily agree with any of them but I was just curious what your thoughts
might be on this? Agree with any of them? All of them? What say you?

weekly new games

I am a game addict So i buy way to many games, play them far to little and repeat. This past week I bought:

Rock OF Ages

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Peering Skeptically Into The Past: "SuperQuest" for the Apple][

Welcome everyone! For this blog entry, I decided to go back into my computer past a good ways--and drag you with me, kicking and screaming.

Part 1 - Where to Begin?

After having my interest in CRPG's re-ignited by the excellent discussions on Armchair Arcade, I started rummaging around in my memory-banks for the names of the old games that I used to play in study-hall. Yes, I'm going far back into the past; the early-to-mid-1980's to be "fuzzily precise". There were a number of games (mostly pirated) that I and my classmates played, but only two could be classified as CRPGs. And of those two, only one has taken on near-legendary status in my memory. And so with a blast of trumpeted fanfare, I give you!...

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