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END of year, best game you played?

SO, what was the game you played this year that was released in 2011 that was the most fun? Console or PC or phone?

PS3:Dark Souls
360:none stick out
PC: World Of tanks
Phone: none stood out, i did play Angery birds a bit.. but I dont consider it a great game.. good.. but not great.

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Mayhem by Matt: HTML 5 Version

Mayhem: Play it now in your browser!Mayhem: Play it now in your browser!Here's my game "Mayhem by Matt" now fully playable in your browser! Blast those planes, crush those blocks, destroy the mighty PLANE GOD OF ROBOT DEATH that waits for you at the end...!

Mayhem by Matt
The music in this version is by Kevin MacLeod. My old music wouldn't work because they were in MIDI format. I also made some gameplay and coding tweaks, particularly to the collision code. Enjoy!

Overall, the conversion process wasn't bad for this one...Mostly just cleaning up bad code from the original. I learned a lot of stuff making Jeepney Jeepers that I was able to apply here, though I still left some of the spaghetti--hey, if it works, don't fix it, right? Have fun! Just click "read more" to play the game. NOTE: For whatever reason, if you're on Firefox you may not be able to click on the "START" button below. Just hit your ENTER key instead!

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Replay 2011 - Mark & Elise

We attended the 2011 edition of the Replay event in Blackpool (UK). We had a fantastic weekend. Here is our footage.

This is the 720p footage as YouTube does wonders (NOT) with darker footage at lower resolutions. Do check out the videos our friends made too!

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Replay 2011 - day 1 - Teaser

Had an amazing day at the Norbreck hotel at Replay 2011. Met a lot of great people and the atmosphere was just awesome! And it is happening again tomorrow!

Retro geek heaven this is! I'll be going again in 2012 - it will be held in Manchester city a few weeks earlier even!

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Blackpool Replay 2011 - the pre-arrival

Elise and I were graciously picked up at Manchester airport by mr Synthmonkey aka ZombieAndy and we experienced the seafront in the sunset.

Recommend Mammas / Mamma Mia on Topping street for great Italian food

We turned in early as we all had been traveling extensively and wanted to be fit and well rested for the first day of the Replay event!

Perhaps see you there!
More will follow!

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A week in Eindhoven

...Well almost a week. Was in Eindhoven for work. I'm a member of a network of European cities called Smart Cities which is focussed on joint learning and partner matching for EU funded projects.

Saw the original Philips factory - pity it was closed but it will be opening as a museum soon I'm told.

scarry GAMES!

So its almost trick or treat time, your local cable TV is showing marthons of scarry movies, are you playing any scarry games? I must admit I dont find games very scarry, but a few have made me jump. Here are a few in no order, wany you would add? or even disagree with?

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