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Games are back at Armchair Arcade!

Back by popular demand here at Armchair Arcade, we have Neave Frogger, Neave Asteroids, Neave Pacman, and Neave Tetris N-Blox for play directly in your Web browser! Just click on Games on the left-hand menu. All we ask in return is that you provide feedback and comments for the great content we provide, like Armchair Arcade Radio, and occasionally click on an ad or two (also see our special offers). Have fun!

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Armchair Arcade Games

Please enjoy these free games, courtesy of team members at Armchair Arcade, as well as Neave Games:

Match 3 InvadersMatch 3 InvadersMatch 3 Invaders is a hybrid of two classic genres: the shoot'em up (Space Invaders) and the Match 3 (Bejeweled). Can you concentrate on lining up color matches while simultaneously dodging enemy fire? Can you endure the excruciating time limit as the aliens descend lower and lower upon your position? Most importantly of all: Can you rack up enough points to enter you name on the hallowed High Score Table? Wouldn't you like to know? Match 3 Invaders was created in Unity and runs right in your browser.

Thrust LifterThrust LifterThrust Lifter is a game of timing and precision. Guide your lander into narrow tunnels, avoiding collisions with walls, fires, lava, electricity, and all manner of aliens. Get to the Chilenoids before they run out of oxygen and bring them back to the home pad before taking off to your next destination. Features 15 beautiful levels and an original soundtrack, available as a separate download. If you like the game, purchase a registered copy.

Jeepney JeepersJeepney JeepersJeepney Jeepers is an homage to classics block-busting games like Arkanoid and Breakout but with a crazy twist! Blow up blocks, roast the invaders, rescue your fellow humans and--above all else--get to the last level and take on the awesome might of THE GORFINATOR. Collect upgrades and unleash the unbelievable block-busting power of the five-pronged MULTIBALL. Bust that crit bubble for the amazing SUPERBALL. Bounce up them balls as much as YOU want, no more, no less! If you have trouble downloading the game, try right-clicking on the link and use "save as." See the original announcement page for the game here.

MayhemMayhemMayhem is a combination platform and shoot'em up game that is playable in your browser. Shoot the aliens, snatch the power-ups, but don't fall to your death! Features destructible terrain, lots of power-ups, a variety of aliens, and of course, a menacing end-game boss. This game was made with Gamemaker HTML 5 edition. If you have issues with Firefox, try using a different browser or hit enter or space after clicking on the game window.

TRS-80 GamesTRS-80 GamesTRS-80 Emulation Page features a full TRS-80 Model III emulator which functions entirely inside of your browser. Multiple classic games from the machine's heyday are offered for your enjoyment, via a simple 1-click "Load 'N Run" option. You will also be able to play Retro-ZAP!, the new retro-game release written by Shawn Delahunty. (The emulator and games function best in Google's Chrome browser, but all major browsers will work with sufficiently fast system hardware.)

Neave Frogger | Neave Asteroids | Neave Pacman | Neave Tetris N-Blox

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PAC-MAN 30th Anniversary - Read About it and Play it!

As Google often likes to do, today they've placed the focus on an important anniversary, The 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN. Naturally, Pac-Man is one of a handful of pop culture icons that encapsulates what many people think of when they think of the word "videogames". Heck, even when people are shown playing videogames in commercials, you'll STILL hear 30 year old Pac-Man sound effects coming from their modern day handheld or console! As you no doubt know, I wrote a colorful book called Vintage Games with Matt Barton not too long ago, and sure enough, Chapter 13, entitled "Pac-Man (1980): Japanese Gumption, American Consumption" features the pie guy himself and the games that incredible title influenced. So, be sure to re-read the chapter in your copy of the book as we celebrate this important videogame milestone - Vintage Games: An Insider Look at the History of Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario, and the Most Influential Games of All Time (2009), by Bill Loguidice and Matt Barton, through Focal Press.

NOTE: In case you haven't noticed, you can go to Google's Home Page and try their first ever interactive doodle. Yep, you can play a nifty variation of Pac-Man right in your browser (just "Insert Coin" once for one player, or twice for a two player game with Ms. Pac-Man). Nice job, Google!

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See the new Hallmark Pac-Man ornament in video and photos!

My wife, Christina, was nice enough to pick me up the new Pac-Man arcade machine Christmas tree ornament from a local Hallmark store ("as a surprise" as she likes to point out). You can see the details of it here, but it's presently only available in-store. Below I have some casual photos and a short, unedited video of the ornament in action (actually, I ended up taking it again since the digital camera was in time lapse mode for some reason), of course as my daughters are attacking it. It lights up and plays the Pac-Man theme and a short gameplay sound effects sample when you press either the Player 1 or Player 2 buttons.

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