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Last Help with the Book - Tony Hawk!

Hey, guys, I want to thank you all again for the help with the book, and rest assured that I've thanked as many of you who helped as possible in the acknowledgments. Matt and I should have solicited help much sooner, but I was being a bit protective of the material until we settled on our formula and everything was well and truly underway (we'll release a full chapter list, i.e., game list, when we get closer to the pub date, then we have to create a special section on AA for the book per the contract). Well, I just checked, and I think the last chapter that's left (several more still need to be written) that we haven't had a discussion here on, is the Tony Hawk chapter. My basic reasoning for including it is that besides being a videogame phenomena in its own right, to my mind it kind of signaled the return of alternative sports games, i.e., the return of slightly more casual sports games and alternatives to the traditional sports like Madden, which as you know is also its own chapter. So while the goal of the Madden chapter is to kind of detail the transition from arcade style sports to the modern sports genre, the goal of the Tony Hawk chapter is to kind of detail the return to an alternative to the modern sports genre. I kind of see games like 720 degrees, California Games, NBA Jam and NFL Blitz leading to Tony Hawk and all the modern extreme sports games, and the introduction of things like SSX, NBA Ballers and the like. In other words, they're all related. So, Madden and Tony Hawk to me represent the main division in sports videogames and that's where the two chapters will differ and the reason for including both (at least at the time). So please let me know what you all think, as the help is absolutely needed with only a few more days left to go!

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