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Matt Chat 61: Pirates!

Arr! Shiver me timbers! And other such nautical expressions! It is time to set sail with Sid Meier's Pirates!

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New Zizzle Atari Home Pinball Machine

The Pinball Blog has a short write-up on an apparently new home pinball machine from Zizzle, this time with a classic Atari theme. It looks great, and by my calculations, will be their third generation product. If you remember, I have the first generation model, shown in the photo at the bottom of this blog post. The second generation added a few minor improvements, including more environmental lighting. Both models sold for between $100 - $500 depending upon when and where you were able to score one.

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Toucan Pirates Rock

I know it isn't precisely relevant to AA--well, maybe if you love Secret of Monkey Island. Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys about a fantastic pirate-themed band I've been listening to lately: Toucan Pirates. I downloaded their "Battle Songs" album from Amazon and have been listening to it repeatedly.

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