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Matt Chat 7: The Sims is now Live!

In this week's Matt Chat, I look at The Sims, one of the many games given its own chapter in our book Vintage Games. I enjoyed reviewing the game and hope you'll like the video! As usual, please rate it, subscribe to my channel, leave a comment, etc. It's a lot of work making these, so please let me know if you find it worthwhile.

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Who will replace Wright?

It seems like the whole industry is abuzz about Will Wright's depature from Maxis. What's perhaps more interesting is a question posed by an Xbox co-creator, who sees a "generation gap" emerging and wonders how the industry will recruit and nurture new talent to replace retiring stars like Wright. Seamus Blackley argues that we need to stop squandering talent and let new people explore their own ideas--even when that seems risky or counter-intuitive. Mr. Blackley, I couldn't agree more!

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Building Blocks with Simcity

Ah, Simcity. Yup, that's the chapter I'm currently working on, and learning all kinds of neat stuff about Will Wright. There are tons of interviews with him on the net, perhaps because he attracted so much attention from journalists and teachers.

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