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Capcom Classics Mini Mix (GBA, 2006)

Capcom Classics Mini Mix Box: Despite having 3 great games, this compilation is still a mixed bag.Capcom Classics Mini Mix Box: Despite having 3 great games, this compilation is still a mixed bag.After trading in a few games, I had some credit at the local Gamestop available. In an attempt to beef up my GBA/DS game collection, I got Capcom Classics Mini Mix for only $1! Is this fairly recent collection of retro games for the GBA worth it?

The games are good, but a few niggling presentation issues keep it from what is should be.

To be fair, the games included here are oldies but goodies and are were originally NES ports of arcade games that are heavily changed from the originals in effective ways. Strider adds some RPG elements, a plot hampered by a laughable translation, and Mega Man style stage selection to what originally was a fairly generic, but cool, side scroller. Bionic Commando is arguably the best of the bunch here with several levels, some lite RPG elements, and a plot that some how works in spite of censorship (the original villains in the Japanese versions were Nazis; for the American version, all swastikas were removed and the villains are now a generic evil army). Mighty Final Fight takes an ultra-cute kiddy approach to a remake of the first game of the series with a superfluous addition of having your characters level up.

Doom RPG gives Cell Phones a Wizardryish Delight

So I've settled into Portland, OR quite nicely and one of the first things I do is get a hell of a deal on a Motorola RAZR V3 Cell Phone. After fiddling with the customs settings and downloading a custom ringtone (We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister, of course), I decided to download a cell phone game that isn't exactly new: Doom RPG.

To my utter shock, it turns out to work. I never thought crossing Doom with Wizardry would end up being a fun game, but Doom RPG succeeds for the most part.

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Retrogaming and Beyond on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

Author and Screenshots: Mark J.P. Vergeer
Editing: Cecil Casey, Mathew Tschirgi and Bill Loguidice
Online Layout: Cecil Casey and David Torre

Japan Arcades Part 2

I have had more time to play games in Japanese arcades and have run across a few more interesting titles.

Tetris Plus 2: This is a fun Japanese only spin-off of Tetris. In the Puzzle Mode, you get to control either a Professor or her Apprentice through Tetris levels with a bit of a twist: you have to make the Tetris board completely empty in the time limit. Your cartoon avatar runs arounds the blocks as you make lines and a spiked wall tries to crush you as the time limit goes down-- the higher your blocks are, the more your avatar wants to climb to the top to get killed! It is a fun take on Tetris.

Online Vidcast Coin Op TV Mostly Fun, But Needs Polish

As I sit in an Internet Cafe in Tokyo, I decided to take advantage of the high bandwidth and check out a bunch of episodes of the popular online vidcast, Coin Op TV!.

As you can guess from the title, it covers retro games.

For the most part, it is well produced. All the episodes involve reporting on the field using decent quality microphones and have camerawork that is fairly decent. Editing of the segments is a bit plain at times, which is ironically somewhat refreshing-- no avant garde editing techniques here!

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