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beta version of game

Hi, guys. I'm about 99% done with my text adventure (hopefully!) and thought I'd post it here for you guys to try out (if you so desire). If you find any bugs (i.e., if it crashes), please try to tell me what happened so I can find and fix the bugs. I think I got most of them, but it's been tough.

I'm still editing it on a small scale, too, so if you see any typos or grammatical errors, I'd love to hear about them, too.

A Holiday in the Orient + New Avatar

Much like Mark, I will be on holiday soon, but it won't be in Egypt. From May 18th to June 20th, I will be in Japan. While I don't have a laptop, I will have access to Internet Cafes, though due to my tight budget, it won't be as often as I would like.

It's great how far the site has come along, especially in the past few months. It's very exciting to see we are near the relaunch period.

Attached is an image of a new profile I worked on for my website. Although it is tough to tell with its small resolution, I did a lot of Photoshop layers to give it a nice textured sketch feel.

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