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Quick Peeks: Annihilation

Quick Peeks
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AnnihilationToday I've got a great arena shooter for you all to check out. It's been around for a few years.. However, with things being as they are on the net, it's easy for a few games to sneak by. Well, that's what I'm here for- to shine a spotlight on some of the gems that may have slipped your notice.

Today we will take a look at Annihilation.

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Quick Peeks: FooBillard

Quick Peeks
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FooBillardI don't know about you guys, but it just seems that billiards/pool is a game that's supposed to be played face to face... normally while imbibing sufficient quantities of alcohol so as to help "randomize" your spatial acuity. That being said, I'm still a sucker for a good computer simulation of the sport.
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Three for the Road: Three Great Remakes for the PC

Three for the Road

      Ok folks, sorry about getting this edition out a day late.. I actually overshot my bandwidth quota mid-week (for the second time in six months) and had to lay-low. Next weeks edition should be out on time.. barring getting the boot by Comcast.

      Anyway, This week we are going to look at three remakes / reinterpretations of somewhat classic games. I've tested all of these under Windows XP SP3 and they worked fine.. so your Vista/Win 7 mileage may vary. If no one posts compatibility updates in the comments then I will try to test them out under Win7 Ultimate 64bit in the coming days.

Now, let's get to the games...

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Quick Peeks: Super Human Cannonball

Quick Peeks
·  · ·· Super Human Cannonball ·· ·  ·

Super Human CannonballSo I was kicking around on the net recently and I stumbled across this little gem from 2006: Super Human Cannonball is an artillery game created by Luke Twyman.  Game-play is sort of like Worms but using the control mechanics of a golf game.  e.g. The power slider goes up and down, press space to lock in.  The cannon angle moves up and down, press space to lock in and fire.

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Three for the Road: Three Great Freeware Games for the PC

Three for the Road
·  · ·· October 24th, 2010: Three Great Freeware Games for the PC ·· ·  ·

Greetings! This is a new blog series I decided to create to showcase some of the great games I've stumbled across for various platforms.   This weeks topic is freeware PC titles.. future posts will include different subjects.  I'm going to try as much as possible to keep the content retro, classic, or indie development related.  However, I did diverge a bit from that on todays post. :-)


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Legerdemain: A Tale Fraught with Peril and Wonder

Legerdemain: Zork Meets Nethack!LegerdemainMy friend Alex Aguila recently notified me about a wonderful indie project that combines interactive fiction with roguelikes--it's Zork meets Nethack! You can read all about it at, where there are many screenshots and the chance to buy a the game with a lovely cluebook for $20--300 pages! This looks really, really good. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Molyneux: Enjoy Indie iPhone Games While They Last

An online magazine called Develop has published an interview with Peter Molyneux. One of the more interesting pronouncements concerns the iPhone, where Molyneux predicts Triple-A games will eventually replace all the low-budget indie games currently raging on the device:

They will nibble away at the market. My advice for anyone doing iPhone games is to be original, think about the things the big companies won’t try.

What do you think? Is the current explosion of creativity witnessed on the iPhone and iPad soon to give way to insipid licensed-titles by the big boys?

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The Humble Indie Bundle - "Buy" it Now! (World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, Penumbra Overture, Samorost 2)

This is a great idea for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux users, and while some losers may choose to pay these guys NOTHING - in fact, doing what amounts to piracy for what is truly a generous act - I'm sure you'll all agree with me that buying/donating money for this amazing bundle of games is not only the right thing to do, but a sound investment for the future of this type of thing (a bundle of high-end DRM free and cross-compatible games, plus source). Here's the info from the Website, so head there now and get your own bundle (

"The Humble Indie Bundle is a unique kind of bundle that we are trying out.

Pay what you want. If you bought these five games separately, it would cost around $80 but we're letting you set the price!

All of the games work great on Mac, Windows, and Linux. We didn't want to leave anyone out.

There is no middle-man. You can rest assured that 100% of your purchase goes directly to the developers and non-profits as you specify (minus the merchant fees).

We don't use DRM. When you buy these games, they are yours. Feel free to play them without an internet connection, back them up, and install them on all of your Macs and PCs freely.

Your contribution supports the amazing Child's Play charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation. By default, the amount is split equally between the seven participants (including Child's Play and EFF), but you can tweak the split any way you'd like.

And now, thanks to a humble donation from Amanita Design: all contributors are given a free copy of Samorost 2!"

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GameBiz: A Game that lets you make Games?

I was browsing Slashdot's Top Indie Games You Wouldn't Mind Paying For and came across GameBiz, an absolutely fascinating game that puts you in the role of a game developer. You get to create games and then market them on a range of platforms including the Amiga (the game begins in 1980). You can also make your own platforms! It's a freebie, so might as well try it out. I know it'd be fun to finally get to see how the Amiga would've turned out with proper management! If you do try the game, please let us know what you think. Click more to see the developer's blurb.

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