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New Book Deal Confirmed!

I can't go into too much detail, but I can finally announce that Matt and I have secured a deal for a new co-authored book. The topic? The best, greatest and most influential games of all time. Not too exciting you say? Well, that's the challenge that Matt and I have--to really push our writing abilities to the limits to make this something that you'll be very, very excited about. And obviously being who we are, you know we won't leave ANY platform untouched in telling what will hopefully be a definitive and compelling tale. One nice thing I can reveal is that this will be a full color book (!) throughout and the publisher, Focal Press, which is part of Elsevier, is targeting only a $35 list price, which is pretty nice for what is estimated to be 350 pages. They also want us to create a special section on Armchair Arcade for bonus content related to the book, which we've agreed to. So, while I was unable to secure a new publisher for the years-in-the-making book excerpted at Gamasutra (which we'll revisit selling at some point in the near future), this is a nice "consolation" prize. In fact, after months of negotiation, Focal ultimately wasn't interested in that book for its economic viability, but was impressed enough to ask us to write to this topic, which was actually their idea originally. We have until roughly September to wrap it up and we're starting with ZERO content, so wish us luck!

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