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RetroGamingRoundup Episode 1 Now Available

The first episode of the new RetroGamingRoundup podcast, which was conceived after the retirement of RetroGaming Radio and featuring some of that show's former associates, is now available for download, here. I'm downloading the 150MB MP3 file now and will definitely give it a listen when time permits. Let us and them know what you think of this exciting new monthly effort!

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R.I.P. Retrogaming Radio

Well, I guess you've probably heard the news by now that Shane R. Monroe is ending his ten-year stint (wow, is it really that long?) as host of Retrogaming Radio. I'm not happy about this news, but I respect Shane's decision and can understand why he'd want to quit while the show was going strong.

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RetroGaming Radio - 05-24-2008 is out now!

From Shane R. Monroe, here: A fresh new interview with video game world record holder Todd Rogers, a new editorial commentary - downloadable content; the future expansion disk replacement or another screwjob for consumers, Shane reviews Defender of the Crown for the Commodore Amiga in a flashback episode, an update with the GP2x handheld, our regular Bits & Bytes, Chasing the Chuckwagon, Hardware Flashback and MORE!

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RetroGaming Radio Episode 04-30-2008 (03:22:34) is now out!

A new episode of RetroGaming Radio is out, here. From the Press Release: "Shane discusses hypocrisy and parental responsibility with gaming, catch the rare round table talk from the whole staff from CGE 2007, we review Cinemaware's Wings for the Amiga, Chasing the Chuckwagon and more!"

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