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Shane R. Monroe on Videogame Preservation

Shane R. Monroe is out with a great new episode of his show Retrogaming Radio. As always, there's a lot of great content to enjoy, but this one covers a subject near and dear to many of us here at Armchair Arcade: videogame preservation! It might sound simple, but have you ever seriously thought about what we should be doing NOW to ensure that we can still play our favorite games ten, twenty, or fifty years from now? While there will almost certainly be ways to play Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros, what about lesser known shareware and public domain games favorites like Scorched Tanks? It's good stuff.

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RetroGaming Radio Episode 04-30-2008 (03:22:34) is now out!

A new episode of RetroGaming Radio is out, here. From the Press Release: "Shane discusses hypocrisy and parental responsibility with gaming, catch the rare round table talk from the whole staff from CGE 2007, we review Cinemaware's Wings for the Amiga, Chasing the Chuckwagon and more!"

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