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slog-a-thonslog-a-thonWith the holidays coming up soon and everyone (hopefully) having at least a few days off, I thought it might be fun to start planning a "Slog-a-thon." What I mean is a day or two when anyone interested can dedicate at least six hours to playing a classic CRPG he or she has never played before. Afterward, we meet back up here to post our slogs, which amount to a paragraph or two about our experience playing the game. What did you like, what gave you trouble, how well does the game stand up today, etc. Remember, a slog is not so much about the game itself; it's more about YOUR personal experience with it.

I'm thinking we could do this on Dec. 26th for maximum convenience, but let me know what would work best for you. I'm not really concerned about a particular TIME you do your slog, but it would be nice to have us all doing it on the same day.

So, if you're up for it, choose a game and mention it in the comments below. I'd like to have us all doing different games for maximum variety. Any platform or era is fine, though you'll definitely get brownie points if you choose a particularly esoteric game and platform.

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Introducing: The SLOG

You can slog it! Slog it good!You can slog it! Slog it good!Don't forget it: You heard it hear first, folks. First, there was weblogging. Then there was blogging, vblogging, podcasting, twittering; the list goes on. Now I'm pleased to introduce a new buzzword into the mix: Slogging!

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