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Forensic Scans and Info on SSI's "Six-Gun Shootout: Gunfights of the Wild West" (1985)

I recently received a request for manual scans from my copy of Six-Gun Shootout: Gunfights of the Wild West (1985), from SSI. I was happy to oblige, but of course I wanted to do a little extra since it's the same approximate amount of effort. In addition to the manual, I also scanned the box, the Apple II disk, one side of the registration card and the inside cover of the 1985 SSI catalog, featuring both Six-Gun Shootout and Colonial Conquest, the latter of which is one of my all-time favorites (C-64 version, though the Atari ST version is overall the best).

Here is the link to the Flickr gallery, which includes a few screenshots from the Virtual Apple 2 - Online disk archive, which allows you to play Apple II and IIGS games in your browser, including of course, Six-Gun Shootout. SSI's western-themed game is an interesting blend of strategy and RPG elements, similar in style to their war-themed, Computer Ambush, which I'm also lucky to own (I'm obviously a huge fan of SSI's entire catalog of games, from themes to cover art to when they used bookshelf boxes). If you have the time, I definitely recommend you check it all out. Enjoy!

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