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Arthur C. Clarke - R.I.P. - 1917 - 2008

Do these things really happen in threes? First Gary Gygax, now Arthur C. Clarke. Of course Mr. Clarke was 90, going on 91, so it was certainly a longer life than Mr. Gygax had (or Clarke's writing contemporaries, like Isaac Asimov).

He was of course famous in the mainstream and certainly beloved in the "geek" community for a variety of reasons. I previously posted a bit about his involvement with early telecomputing. His books inspired several early games as well, most notably individual titles for the ColecoVision (action) and Coleco Adam (hybrid text adventure), and a text and graphics adventure from Telarium/Trillium.

Whether you believe in the concept of heaven or not, the best you can do in this world, the here and now, is leave your mark in as positive a way as possible. All told, Clarke probably did that and more.

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