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Numbers Stations and Encryptions

Brian DunningBrian DunningI was going through the older episodes of Skeptoid, one of my favorite podcasts, when I listened to one on Numbers Stations. These are mysterious shortwave radio transmissions that usually consist of an automated voice reading off sequences of apparently random numbers. The most rational explanation for these stations is that they are secret government communications to spies or saboteurs using something called a one-time pad, something else I hadn't heard much about before.

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Interviewed on The Static Hour with Don Kurtz!

I just finished my live appearance on Don Kurtz's The Static Hour. Give the replay a listen. On his show, we talk about all sorts of things, including the Jets (they won!), videogames, computers, fitness, and family. Don has previously interviewed all sorts of other people, including porn stars, musicians, and our very own, Matt Barton. It's an honor to be included in such a diverse interview pool...

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Episode 1: Gamer Intelligence, BASIC, International DRM, Webkinz, and Vintage PC Soundcards

Armchair Arcade is proud to present its first official episode of Armchair Arcade Radio! This episode, hosted by Matt Barton, features material from each member of AA's staff: Bill Loguidice, Mark Vergeer, Christina Loguidice, and Chris Kennedy. Enjoy the episode and don't forget to tell all your retro computing and gaming friends! Stay tuned to Armchair Arcade for future episodes.

Episode One 48K version (23 Megabytes)
Episode One 128K version (60 Megabytes)

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February Retrogaming Radio Released!

Shane Raistlin Monroe has released the February edition of Retrogaming Radio, which, as always, is loaded with great content for anyone even remotely interested in retrogaming and classic computing. Shane has even been kind enough to review my book Dungeons and Desktops.

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