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Testing and Site Work

I noticed that there has been a user created for testing that does not have admin rights. Could whoever created this account please share the password. That way we can look over the access control issues with a user level account with out having to create one for each of us.


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General Comments - ALL Please Read and Comment on Each of the 11 Points as Applicable

Please, let's all discuss these and act on them where appropriate, or disagree or offer a different suggestion, as appropriate.

1 - I like "The Gurus of Gaming" that shows up after Armchair Arcade on top of browser windows. Good job thinking of that. The only criticism I can possibly make against the top logo banner as it is now with the logo and the arcade controls image is that it's perhaps a bit too long from top to bottom, but I'm not sure if that's adjustable. I'd like to see it about 15% shorter top-down, as right now it takes up a bit too much real estate for optimal reading purposes in my opinion.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Note that this version of the site is now just an archive. New posts and commenting have been disabled. Please conduct all new activities on the latest Website at Thanks!

  • How do I join/register on Armchair Arcade?
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What is Armchair Arcade? (About Us)

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