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Text, Image and Video Overview of Impossible Mission 2025 - The Special Edition (CD32, 1994)

The month of the Commodore Amiga CDTV/CD32 continues with a quick overview - including direct screen capture and video - of Impossible Mission 2025 - The Special Edition for the CD32. As stated earlier, I'm going to go into these overviews as if the CD32 version were an "island", meaning I will simply take the games as they are, paying little mind to whether the game is a simple floppy port or a fully realized platform-specific experience. In other words, whether you can play the same exact game on an AGA (or even OCS/ECS!) Amiga computer from a single floppy drive in lieu of this CD-based multimedia platform, it will have no bearing on my opinion. Now, "stay awhile" and let's get to it:

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Commodore Amiga CD32 Visual Inventory

The month of the Commodore CDTV/CD32 continues with a visual inventory of my CD32 collection, much of which will be featured throughout the rest of the month, particularly in regards to playthroughs and reviews of the software. These exclusive high resolution photos are as follows:

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Full CDTV Package

Full CDTV packageFull CDTV packageLet me say first and foremost I am loving this THEME idea! Concentrating on various retro platforms is a smart idea. As I've said in my other posts, I have always considered the Amiga platform as shafted and often overlooked and underrated. I DO own an NTSC version of CD32. As for the CDTV, well let me say that when that came out I was young and very poor, but man did I want one of those. I too had forseen the future of computing as being optical disc based and multi-media driven, so the debut of the CDTV was awe inspiring to me; I mean the heart of an Amiga 500 with optical drive, digitized video in a sleek BLACK interior? Holy crap, I am not sure if the BLACK version of the 1084 monitor came to US / Canada, but man I wanted one, and combined with the CDTV? Well damn, look for yourself!

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Armchair Arcade Announcement: March 2008 is the Month of CDTV/CD32!

It's the month of CDTV/CD32!It's the month of CDTV/CD32!Do you know what month it is? Do you have any idea what good times await you this month on Armchair Arcade? It's the Month of CDTV/CD32, of course! Brace yourself!

That's right--this month at Armchair Arcade, your friendly editors will be focusing our attention on Commodore's intriguing duo of CD-ROM based platforms. We'll be bringing you historical information, hands-on looks at emulation and gaming, videos, editorials, collector information...Good God, it's practically like owning one of these units yourself! Please share with us all of your stories and thoughts about the CDTV and the CD32. Do not hold anything back. This is The Month of the CDTV/CD32.

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