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1,001 Boxed Computer Games from the 1970's to Present - Requests for Reviews and/or Detailed Photos Taken!

OK, it's not really 1,001 boxed computer games, it's actually 1,035 as of this writing by my best cataloging efforts (hopefully not missing more than a couple), but 1,001 has a certain literary ring to it... Here's the link. Anyway, this has taken me months of free time here and there to inventory. I just stuck to basics - Game, Platform(s), Publisher(s), Box Type (I winged that) and Genre (winged that too). This is ONLY boxed computer software - no videogames (consoles or handhelds), and only stuff that was commercially released (or at least appears to be). Inventorying my boxed videogame collection will take another long period of time independent of this. General photos of the computer software on their shelves, is here. Finally, the list of systems currently in my collection is here. A high percentage of those computer systems listed, both common and rare, have representation in my boxed software collection.

So, why do I bring this up? Simple. I'm taking requests. It's very important for me to share my collection in as many ways as possible and this is certainly one way to do it. Do you want to see photos of the box and insides? Would you like a review? Would you like a simple overview? Screenshots? It doesn't matter as I'll try to accommodate it in a structured, orderly manner. Of course, requesting something like Archon or Elite would be rather silly, since information on those is readily available and redundant--requests for coverage of common items really doesn't do anyone any good, does it? Let's try to make it interesting and useful for everyone.

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