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Pre-Order Dungeons & Desktops Today!

Dungeons & Desktops: Pre-order your copy today!Dungeons & Desktops: Pre-order your copy today!I have great news for everyone who enjoys CRPGs (computer role-playing games): Dungeons & Desktops is now available for pre-order on, and, as a bonus, if you pre-order now you'll get 5% off the $34.95 price tag. As you all know, I've worked very hard on this project and think the end result is truly worth your attention. I know of no other book (or website, for that matter) that has attempted to cover the subject in this level of detail and accuracy--much less in a form that's fun to read and thought provoking. Although we've talked about the book a lot here at AA, I'll recap some of the main features so you'll know what you're getting:

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