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Official Forum Rules -- Please Read!

There are only a few rules we ask you to keep in mind in regards to our discussion forums:

1 - If you want to comment about an editorial or article, it's best to do so directly with that editorial or article, rather than in the forums.

2 - In keeping with the professional atmosphere, try to keep the language clean. Giving what you write a quick proofread and following the basic rules of the English language will also be appreciated by all!

3 - If you're going to argue with someone, don't make it personal.

4 - Keep an open mind. You may love system "x" and hate system "y", but not

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New Armchair Arcade Website Goes Live 10-24-2014 - Update your feeds and pointers!

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the imminent launch of the new Armchair Arcade Website, which will happen automatically on Friday, October 24, 2014. This is our third (and hopefully final) major site redesign since our inception in 2003. While the two previous incarnations of the Armchair Arcade Website (including this one) will still remain accessible, this new site is where all new content will exclusively reside going forward.

While your existing RSS feeds and other pointers will still continue to work, there will be no new content from this site. Luckily, the new Website makes it easy to establish the connections of your choice.

Despite originally planning for a more flashy Website, the whole point of Armchair Arcade was always to make the creation and development of new content easy for the team, with minimal administrative hassle. Unfortunately, the previous sites - including this one - never achieved that goal. After more than a decade, this new site finally does, and, as such, we’ve kept extraneous “flash” to a minimum. Of course, we do plan on adding features over time, but it will never again be at the expense of easily creating new content. Further, it will be far easier for our fans to create a new user account and comment on any of our content, making Armchair Arcade more interactive than ever.

This new site represents a new era for Armchair Arcade and one that I’m proud to be a part of. Hopefully you feel the same. So once again, welcome, and once the new site is live, be sure to subscribe to our updates via the email form on our Website, your RSS reader of choice, or the various social networks where we have a presence. As always, we’ll leave the light on for you.

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A visual summary of our major books, films, and courses to date

As we start to prepare for the new Armchair Arcade Website, I wanted to take a moment to look back and share a quick visual summary of sorts of the major book, film, and course projects Christina and I have completed to date and were published/went live over roughly the past six years. While I sometimes feel like my promotional efforts are sometimes a bit much - and I'm sure a few of you out there have grown tired of it all by now - I'd like to point out the simple fact that that's the only advertising or direct requests for money, funding, or support we've ever really had for Armchair Arcade and all we ever really plan to have (and obviously this works in conjunction with the Amazon affiliate links). By supporting these projects with purchases, reviews (particularly on Amazon!), etc., that not only allows us to keep Armchair Arcade (aka, "that site that's been around since 2003") running, but also helps to keep us producing those same types of projects for various publishers and related entities (i.e., they know there's interest in this stuff out there). You can see a link to all our books, here, our film's Website, here, and Christina's Medical Writing course, here. As always, we sincerely thank everyone for their support and look forward to you joining us when we unveil what will be the third major revision of Armchair Arcade since its initial launch more than a decade ago, which will make commenting on and sharing content far superior to anything we've done in the past. Thank you.

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Armchair Arcade Joins the Upcoming Retro Gaming Magazine - Purchasing Options Now Available!

Retro Gaming MagazineRetro Gaming MagazineI'm pleased to announced that Armchair Arcade is officially aligned with the upcoming Retro Gaming Magazine (RGM). Not only will RGM's staff be bringing you great editorial content each month, but so will the Armchair Arcade team--all in the style you've come to expect from us since our founding in 2003. On a personal note, a magazine is something those of us at Armchair Arcade had always wanted to pursue, but for various reasons, including industry volatility, it never quite got off the ground through traditional means. Of course, as many of you may remember, Armchair Arcade itself originally started as an online magazine, which ran for seven issues before we became a general purpose site, with on-demand articles, features, news items, blog posts, forums, videos, etc. That also allowed us time to better focus on other projects, including our popular books and even a documentary film, which should finally see release in 2014. In any case, this is an exciting new chapter in Armchair Arcade's continued evolution and we plan to fully support the RGM team in making the magazine - which is available in print and PDF versions - a success. Click here to see the worldwide purchasing options. You can check out RGM's official Facebook page, here, as well as Armchair Arcade's page, here.

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Armchair Arcade Marks its 10th Anniversary!

It is with great honor and humble appreciation that I write this blog post officially acknowledging Armchair Arcade's 10th anniversary. That's right, Armchair Arcade was founded way back in September 2003, an eon in Internet time. Little did we know when we founded it back then that we'd still be going strong 10 years later, and looking forward to another great decade ahead. Since Armchair Arcade's founding, our team members have created well over a dozen major books, a documentary film, and countless thousands of feature articles, blog posts, forum posts, editorials, games, podcasts, and videos. Of course, team members and friends have come and gone in those 10 years, and we've even had a few births along the way, but the more things have changed, the nicer it's been that Armchair Arcade itself has stayed right where you'd expect to find it.

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Matt Barton Joins TPG Cast

I was recently invited to be a guest on TPG Cast with Adam Ames and Phil Cordaro, and though Adam sadly had to miss, Phil and I had a great discussion on how I got started with Matt Chat, academic gaming, DRM, where the industry is headed, and much more. These guys are a hoot, so please check out their other episodes if you like this one.

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Online watchface-generator for the Pebble watch with bonus Armchair Arcade face

Pebble Armchair Arcade FacePebble Armchair Arcade FacePaul, aka @prode81 on Twitter, has made available one of the first Pebble watch apps, a nifty Web browser-based watch face generator. The link is here, and it's a simple, but great way to experiment with your own Pebble watch without knowing a lick of programming. Check the image below to see how the Armchair Arcade watch face turned out, plus you can scan the QR code with your phone to put it on your own Pebble. If you like Paul's work, don't forget to donate!

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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Care About Armchair Arcade

Hi, folks. I thought that today, in the spirit of the "top" lists that are so ubiquitous these days, I'd offer you a list of five reasons why you should care about Armchair Arcade. Many of you may not even know what it is or how it got started, but even those of us who've been around since the early days might like a little refresher and a personal view. So, here goes.

Reason #5: Founded in 2003. That's right, folks, Armchair Arcade has been around for eight years. Actually, its birthday is in September. There's not many non-commercial websites that can make that claim, especially not many dedicated to vintage games and computers. You should feel comfortable making this your home base, because you can rest assured we are here to stay. You can read our about us page or our FAQ to learn more.

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Armchair Arcade Featured in Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine!

For all you frequent fliers out there, you might have noticed an article in the March 2011 issue of Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine entitled, Play it Again, Man!. It was written several months back (thank you, print lead time) by Jennifer Nalewicki under advisement from yours truly and my frequent partner-in-crime, Matt Barton. Besides mentioning us and Armchair Arcade, you'll also see a nod to our book, Vintage Games, in the header. While it's not a long piece, it's nice to see something targeted to mainstream audiences like Spirit Magazine is featuring positive videogame content. Check out the print version on your next Southwest Airlines flight or click here for the PDF or here for the decidedly less fun text-only version.

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Happy New Year from Armchair Arcade! Some thoughts and reflection...

As we enter our ninth calendar year of operations here at Armchair Arcade, I just wanted to take a moment on behalf of the entire team to wish everyone out there a happy, healthy, and successful 2011, and reflect on what has come and what will come around here. A lot has happened since Armchair Arcade's founding in 2003, some bad of course, but most of it very, very good. We released a year and a half worth of original Webzines before moving exclusively to an available-content-right-after-it's-created blog format, which began in October 2004. We've produced four major books to date, with the promise of more on the way. We've been in production on a major feature film documentary since 2009, which we expect to finish and release this year. We've been producing popular Web videos since 2004. And of course we recently entered the podcasting arena with our eclectic Armchair Arcade Radio, which is already onto its sixth episode. Though that's just the tip of the ongoing saga that has been Armchair Arcade, it's something I'm quite proud of and quite thankful to have you along for the ride after so many others have come, gone and even come and gone again (and again).

Anything new you'd like to see us tackle in 2011? Have other ideas? Have some feedback? Let us know in the comments. We always love when you make some noise out there!

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