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SV-328 Microcomputer - pickup / lot

I got myself a new system (SV-328) in a pretty complete lot. Mind you I was pretty tired when I filmed this so bare with me. Check out what I got.

Spectravideo, or SVI, founded in 1981 as "SpectraVision" by Harry Fox was a US based firm. SVI originally made video games for the VIC-20 and Atari 2600 consoles. They also made Atari compatible joysticks and many C64s actually were completed with a set of Spectravideo joysticks. Some of the later computers were MSX-compliant and some even IBM PC compatible. SVI folded in 1988.

The SV-328 is an 8-bit home computer introduced by Spectravideo in June 1983. It was the business-targeted model, sporting a full-travel keyboard with numeric keypad. Making it look like a professional machine that could compete with the big professional systems out there. It has 80 kB RAM (64 kB available for software & 16 kB video memory). Other than the keyboard and RAM, this machine was identical to its predecessor, the SV-318.
The SV-328 is the design on which the later MSX standard was based. Spectravideo's MSX-compliant successor to the 328, the SV-728, looks almost identical, the only immediately noticeable differences being a larger cartridge slot in the central position (to fit MSX standard cartridges), lighter shaded keyboard and the MSX labels.

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CP/M Documentation for the Orbquest (1981-82) and Nemesis (1981) Games

After being lucky enough to acquire the ultra-rare RPG/strategy games Orbquest (Alternate World Simulations, 1981-82 (Second Edition), CP/M) and Nemesis (SuperSoft, 1981, CP/M), each on 8" disk, a gentleman by the name of Lorne Knowles was able to convert them to standard 5.25" Kaypro and Osborne compatible disks for me. Eventually I plan on getting around to making the disk images available for everyone to be able to play these games in the CP/M emulator of their choice (or in turn the real world disk format of their choice), but for now, please enjoy the photographs of every manual page (photographs because I did not want to damage the original manuals for scanning). You can see them on Flickr here. If you'd like these in PDF format, please e-mail me, as they're very large file sizes and require download from a shared A Drive. I also plan on making a video of the games in action soon (hopefully). Enjoy!

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Photo of the Week - Know your History! (02 - Non-Linear Systems Kaypro II (CP/M))

Welcome to the second of an ongoing series of exclusive photos here at Armchair Arcade from my private collection, Non-Linear Systems Kaypro II (CP/M).

The photo's main page.
The full-size image.

Without further ado, here are some neat facts about this week's photo (feedback welcome!):

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