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A Look at What's Coming Soon to Armchair Arcade - Let's Hear Your Thoughts

Hopefully you all have been enjoying my Photo of Week entries. The next one should be up in a few days. The idea behind the Photo of the Week was to give me the ability to generate quick, yet useful content, with the resources I have access to, namely my collection, my camera and my paid Flickr account. This gives me the ability to be active beyond commentary posts, while not taking away from other pressing projects I'm working on, like the book.

My next idea, which I'll be implementing within the next two weeks, will be the "Scan of the Week". I have a large collection of magazines, books, flyers, catalogs and other do-dads that just beg to be scanned. However, not everything is conducive to being scanned on the typical flat bed scanner. While mine also has a sheet feeder and works at relatively high speeds, the other problem is (and has been) that I refuse to destroy any of my vintage scannable materials in order to scan them (not until there is a truly perfect portable color digital reading system). That's where the Planon DocuPen RC800 portable scanner comes in, the type of device I've been waiting for for ages.

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