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Portal meets Platforming: Invertion

Invertion: Is that GLADOS?Invertion: Is that GLADOS?I love Portal, and I love a good platformer. What do you get when you combine the two? Invertion! Go check out this awesome free game by my friends at HighUp Studio, game developers from Bogota, Colombia! My good friend David Arcila did the great artwork. The music is also excellent. I love it! Go play it now.

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What makes a good platformer?

A blog called "Significant Bits" has a very nice editorial up about What made those old, 2D platformers so great?. The article is well written and illustrated, with screenshots as well as video clips. Definitely don't want to pass this up if you're a fan of platform games. Link via Slashdot.

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Super Chick Sisters

I just came across an interesting game today: Super Chick Sisters. The game is based (very clearly) on Super Mario Bros., and the ad I saw even mentioned that if you love Mario you'll like this game.

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