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Explaining Korea's Obsession with StarCraft

StarCraftStarCraftThere's a great post up at Edge Magazine called StarCraft's Enduring Legacy: Part One. While I was aware of how popular the game remains in Korea, I didn't realize just how huge of a cultural phenomenon we're really talking about here--we're talking players who have fan clubs of over half a million people. What I really wanted to know was why this game was so popular in Korea. Apparently, it's simply a matter of the right time and the right place:

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Photos from VCF East 4.0 2007 - Saturday Session - Vintage Computers and Commodore Engineers

Chuck Peddle on the Big Screen: VCF East 4.0 2007Well, I finally got around to posting the VCF East 4.0 2007 photos from the Saturday session on June 9, 2007. Unfortunately I was not able to find a single online photo sharing service (since I didn't want to kill bandwidth here at AA or on my personal Website) that met all of my needs, but Flickr took care of the album part of it all and Photobucket took care of the easily-embed-photos-on-here part (though I doubt I'll use it much as it's a lot of work to get it to display right).

Check out the full set of photos here. I'm still working with Bill Degnan of the MARCH club on getting the audio hosted, so hopefully I'll have that back up soon and easily accessible. Enjoy and don't forget to leave your comments here!

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