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Due to near total backwards compatiblity with the original Apple II series, this ranking benefits from those scores. Some argue that Apple should have never stopped producing this line of computers, and in fact it took their Macintosh line - which the company saw as the future - a relatively long time to match the overall entertainment performance that this system offered.
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Virtual Apple ][ Version 4.0 - Now works on any system with a Web browser supporting Java

One of my favorite Web-based emulators for the Apple II and IIgs has received an engine update, allowing it work on any platform with a Web browser that supports Java. Exciting stuff and I highly recommend you check it out at Press release follows:

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Apple II (2) News and Notes for August 2006

Apple //c Cable Connection Photo from Brendan Robert's "Apple Game Server"Apple //c Cable Connection Photo from Brendan Robert's "Apple Game Server"

A2 News and Notes August, 2006

* Old Computer, New Clone
* Phoenix Wings
* Solid-State Work
* Another Anniversary
* We're Number 1!
* Prairie Home Changeover
* Plug In, Tune Out?
* Hacking Around
* File Storage
* Software News

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