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Casual Photos: Creativemu's Latest Homebrew for the CreatiVision, Diagnosticart

I just took a set of three new iPhone photos, below, of the new Italian homebrew from the Creativemu team, Diagnosticart, for the CreatiVision, a hybrid videogame console and computer from 1981. I have numbered and signed release 16 of 40. I also have Creativemu's earlier CreatiVision Multicart Version 1:0, number 92 of 100. The CreatiVision system from VTech was released in pretty much every major territory except North and South America, and was widely rebranded. I have the Australian Dick Smith Wizzard version of the CreatiVision (the only NTSC compatible system was released in Japan and is very rare and valuable). The Diagnosticart is the three ROM version, with future expansion for an optional fourth ROM. The Diagnosticart performs Keyboard, Video, and Video + Audio tests as part of its current three onboard ROMs.

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Mattel Intellivision Cuttle Cart 3 is Now Available for Pre-Orders!

Main Menu for the Cuttle Cart 3: Mattel IntellivisionMain Menu for the Cuttle Cart 3: Mattel IntellivisionChad Schell, creator of the famous "Cuttle Cart" multi/flash cart series for the Atari 2600 and 7800, has spun his magic again, this time for the Mattel Intellivision as the "Cuttle Cart 3". It's been a very long time since the Intellivision has had anything like this available, and the good news is is that this improves on past efforts for the system by being fully flashable and making use of MiniSD cards. The only downside (at least for me) is that it won't load the Enhanced Computer System (ECS) World Series Major League Baseball ROM, one of the most impressive early baseball games, and one of the few games I've been so far unable to acquire on cartridge for the Intellivision that I've wanted (and the only one I"m missing for the ECS add-on).

At $150 plus shipping and handling, it's not cheap, but it's still one of those undeniable "must buys" for collectors and enthusiasts, particularly since this will be yet another limited production run. It even works as a development system. I ordered mine, just like I previously ordered the "Cuttle Cart 2" for the 7800/2600. Full details here, including photos and manuals.

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