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OK, some of you might be wondering where the hell I've been recently and I thought you might want to know why.

I have been busy in Portland, Oregon trying to find a stable job and recently got hired at a company doing data entry, which pays decently enough for me to support myself. The job isn't the most exciting, but it pays the bills.

I also have been busy helping my uncle film a movie, though all I do is hold a boom microphone the entire time offscreen, so it's not as exciting as it could be.

Those who are curious might enjoy a short movie of me goofing around on set doing karate moves while wearing my Armchair Arcade T-Shirt here: White Men Can't Kung Fu.

As for gaming, I have been enjoying Final Fantasy XII for the PS2 a good bit. It feels more like an MMO, but not having to go to a separate screen for battles and having the whole process semi-automated makes leveling up actually fun, something I can't say I've felt about the battle system in an RPG for a good while.

Mark Vergeer
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Welcome back man!

Yeah moving can be very very time consuming, especially when you are working a new job and all. Hope you settled in allright.

So you were contemplating on getting some Mac gear a while back, still contemplating doing that?

-= Mark Vergeer - Armchair Arcade editor =-

Matt Barton
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The Star Wars Kid!!

Wow, it's like that kid with the light saber doin' the jedi dance! ;-)

Love the beard, too! Definitely a keeper, though if you're going to wear it, you'd better learn to speak some Heidegger. ;-)

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Welcome Back Mat!

Welcome back to AA, Mat! The site has grown quite a bit since you last visited. There was a minor glitch with somebody trying, and I guess they were successful, to hack the site. Glad you found a job. The movie gig sounds pretty interesting. My dumb Win Video player is down so I can't watch it until I download a new version. A bunch of us on the site got the Xbox360. Best system I've ever owned, but sure cost enough!! I'm still blown away by the games that came out for it. Cheers from rainy and cold Virginia.


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