Help create a new Vectorzoa Vectrex game!

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Spike's Sea Snap Safari: Concept ImageSpike's Sea Snap Safari: Concept ImageThe prolific homebrew GCE/Milton Bradley Vectrex game developers, Vectorzoa, known for cartridges such as "Logo", "Star Sling" and "Spike's Circus" (which I've mentioned previously on Armchair Arcade) have an interesting way for ANYONE to contribute to their next game, "Spike's Sea Snap Safari". While label art and level design contests are popular at AtariAge, this is one of the few times that I've seen one for a non-Atari system.

This looks like fun and hopefully some of the Armchair Arcade faithful will take up the challenge and report on their results. From the Website:

Help create a new Vectorzoa game!
In early 2007 Vectorzoa will be releasing another original game concept for Vectrex. The anticipiated title will be "Spike's Sea Snap Safari" and will combine relaxing imagery with original arcade action gameplay. The game will involve a variety of exciting graphics combined with concepts such as swarm (shoal) modelling.

For the first time Vectorzoa would like to offer you the opportunity to contribute to a Vectrex game! To enable this Vectorzoa has produced a Vectrex Drawing Test Tool that enables you to write your own assembly code to produce exciting imagery on any Vectrex or in emulators such as Vecx and the new and powerful ParaJVE. This is a VERY simple process and can be undertaken by anyone of any age.