Apple II (2) News and Notes for October 2006

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A2 News and Notes October, 2006

* Reading Redux
* Connections, 2006-style
* A Good Time Will Be Had By All!
* Apple I in the 21st Century
* .And Were Live!
* New Digs
* A Fake Disk?
* Software News
* Emulation News
* SignOff

-- Remember the computer magazines Hardcore and The Computist? Or have
you just heard about them but never got around to reading them? Well,
Mike Maginnis, after getting permission from the publishers, has been busy
scanning old issues and getting them online as .pdf files. His newest
additions are the Book of Softkeys, vol 1-3, available as either .pdf
files or download-able .zip files. Check out the offerings at:

-- A dream of Apple II users has been to use more modern input devices on
their Favorite Computer. And while it's been promised or hinted at
several times in the past few years, the current industry-standard - USB
connectivity - hasn't yet appeared. Glenn Jones of Uthernet Card fame has
gotten us closer, with a prototype based on an Atari USB cartridge.
While not ready for distribution, you can read about Glenn's progress at:

-- Apple II users know that the yearly mecca for us all is KFest, held
each July in Kansas City. The folks on the KFest Committee haven't taken
any time off from this year's festivities, and have already announced the
keynote speaker for 2007: Mr. David Szetela, the former Editor-In-Chief
of Nibble Magazine. More information can be found at:

-- Even though Rich Dreher has announced that the current run of his
popular CompactFlash for Apple II cards will probably be the last,
development has started for a version of his card that will operate in
original Apple I computers and the current clones available for hobbyists.
Plans are to demonstrate the card at the Vintage Computer Fair November
5th and 6th. More information can be found at:

-- Users of more modern computers can catch up with Apple II happenings
by listening to the latest edition of Ryan Suenaga's Apple II podcast,
A2Unplugged. While the current 'cast was delayed slightly by Hawaii's
recent earthquake, listeners can find issue #5 at: or available via iTunes. We are
also pleased to report that Ryan made it through the earthquake relatively

-- Michael Mahon's NadaNet project has a new home for the sale of the
adapters. They can now be found at: Using these adapters will allow
Apple II users to create an Apple II network using the gameport on ][+ and
//e computers. Information regarding NadaNet can be found at:

-- Alex Freed has posted an update of his Pseudo-Disk Project, an MMC
interface for the Apple II.Currently, Alex has three extra prototype
boards for sale for $100 each, and is trying to determine if the Apple II
community has any interest in his device before he produces more. For a
description of the PDP, check out:

--Software News

-- Henry Corbis of GSE-Reactive has released an updated setup utility for
the ///SHH Systeme Microdrive controller. At issue is a problem when
users would put their compactflash cards into a Windows machine: Windows
could potentially corrupt the cards without the user's knowledge. The
software to correct this problem can be found at:

-- Andy McFadden has released a new version of his popular CiderPress
program. CiderPress v2.4.4 adds compatibility with documents set up with
the Magic Windows format, changes some AppleSoft BASIC imports to handle
GR2 and ONERR calls properly, as well as some bugfixes. The progam can be
downloaded from:

--Emulation News

-- Colin Klipsch has released a new version of 8-bit Apple II emulator,
Catakig. Unlike previous versions, the current one (version 2.00b2) is
designed to only run under Mac OS X. Version 2 is also an open-source
SourceForge project, offered under a BSD style of license. The software
and its user guide are available for download from the SourceForge project
page: while Catakig's main
website is:

-- Gerard Putter has updated the 8-bit Apple II emulator, Virtual ][, to
version 5.5. An OS X program, version 5.5 now includes such features as
the ability to use your Macs keyboard arrow keys as a joystick device,
as well as allowing the "enter" key on the numeric pad can now be used as
an alternative "return" key, and an improved ThunderClock emulation.
More information can be found at:

-- Anton Treuenfels Hobby Cross Assembler also has recently been updated.
Besides now being able to handle string arguments, the program is now
powerful enough to implement the 6502 instruction set entirely as macros.
Though this is provided mostly as a proof-of-concept, the potential end
user may find this of value. More information about the program, and its
download link can be found at:

* Sign Off
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