New Websites and Programs for the Sinclair ZX81 and Timex Sinclair 1000

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Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K)Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K)ANDRE is back with his regular updates for the Sinclair ZX81/Time Sinclair 1000 series of systems:

"SUDOKU" is available NOW at "". You can now
play the game on your ZX81 or TS1000. The coding and the graphics are
from Stafford White and the speed from ANDRE***.

"". Stafford White has now
his own web page and he is offering you a NEW program "CODE BREAKER".

TWO (2) more NEW ZX81 programs: "INTERCEPTOR" from Siegfried Engel
and "TRON TRAILS" from Andy Rea. Games #25 and #27 are available at
"". Also "EROTICA", game
#21 is still there.

XAVSNAP is creating HI-RES versions of ANDRE***'s and Stafford's
programs. You can download them from ANDRE***'s web page and Stafford's
web page.

I thought the ZX81 was a Brithish computer. I thought 25 years would
qualified as retro. So can you tell me why "RETRO GAMER" the monthly
British magazine about retro gaming did not print one word about the
year 2006 being the 25th year of the ZX81?

For the gambler in you, "IN BETWEEN", the addictive card game will be
released in December. Another UNBELIEVABLE game from ANDRE***. I bet
you will not stop playing !

Goodby(t)e, ANDRE***