Coleco resurrected?

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Could this be the product Coleco has been talking about for a while? I hope not, but until a unit is issued that includes real Coleco games it will have to do.


Bill Loguidice
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Unauthorized Sega Handheld from Coleco

From what I've read about this, this unit from "Coleco" runs possibly licensed third party Sega Master System games, though when you see "Sonic" in the title, it makes you wonder if anything on there is licensed, as Sega most certainly didn't authorize this. Supposedly it does its emulation quite well, so it's a good emulation/technology. Of course there are only a handful of games on the thing so it's debatable if it's worth the $50 - $60, even as a handheld. Maybe half that price it might be something to consider.

It does amaze me though that if they have the technology to do Sega Master System stuff and a Sega Master System is roughly in the same technology family as the ColecoVision/Adam, why Coleco couldn't have done the logical thing and simply gone straight to a ColecoVision handheld. That would have gotten people FAR more excited than this product. However, the new "Coleco" has not made smart decisions to date with how to exploit the IP, so in another way, this is not surprising in the least...

By the way, in something sort of related, Telegames used to sell a rebranded "Dina" console from overseas, which played both Sega SG-1000 games and ColecoVision games with good compatibility. If I had known that the "Personal Arcade" did that I would have bought one years ago when they were still available.

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mrCustard (not verified)

It sounds a bit like what happened to the Commodore name. It's pretty sad when you see a legendary brand being resurrected to help sell cheap Chinese knock-offs.

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