"More than" Complete APF Imagination Machine - May Never See Again

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I'm actually a little crushed I couldn't pull this one off, as not only is the Imagination Machine for the APF M1000 all but impossible to find, but this one was loaded to the gills with possibly one of a kind stuff. This was one of the more challenging systems to write about in my book, since there's such a scarcity of information and I only have the videogame portion. In any case, if you didn't get the basic setup in the late 1978 to 1979ish timeframe or for the brief time after in liquidation, you probably weren't seeing one of these and probably won't again: http://cgi.ebay.com/Atari-2600-era-APF-MP1000-IMAGINATION-MACHINE-huge-l...

In any case, here is some more information on the highly collectible setup: http://www.tcp.com/~lgreenf/apfpage.htm

alan (not verified)
how much

might be interested-- how much are you asking and do you have the original box?

bluephoenix (not verified)
anybody want to buy a apf imagination machine??

I have a complete system that is in working order, and in excellent condition. Time to part with some of the stuff I have been hanging onto for years.
If you are interested, contact me at whistlingdixie2@shaw.ca

mrCustard (not verified)

It looks a bit similar to my VC4000! It's not identical: the VC4000 has the innovation of detachable joystick leads.

Gamertag: Custardo

Mark Vergeer
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Never heard of the system......

Never heard of the system......must be very US-centric this device... looks might interesting though....
yet another one with a motorola cpu 68xx cpu like many other machines of that time.
-= Mark Vergeer - Armchair Arcade editor =-


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