Sears Makes ESRB "BooBoo" with National TV Spot

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Joystiq is running a great post about a potentially nasty booboo at Sears--they've got a tv spot featuring some silly kid telling us how much he likes Halo and Halo 2, and how he bought them at Sears. The problem? Uh, the kid's too young to have bought those games legally, at least if we care to observe the ESRB's ratings. Those games are marked M for like, a reason and stuff. There's also a YouTube featuring the ad as well, if you've the stomach to watch an inarticulate kid "like" and "stuff" his way through an Apple iPod commercial ripoff.


Bill Loguidice
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Hopefully his parents were

Hopefully his parents were there when he bought it! It's a stupid, derivative ad anyway...

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Matt Barton
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Embarrassed for Kid

No kidding, Bill. I actually cringed watching this and felt very sorry for this kid. It's no wonder that Sears joined up with K-mart. They're both just too clueless...


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