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Issues with the 360

I've had my system since late Aug and have been very happy, with the exception of a couple things:

Oh, to address the wireless controller question, everybody is right. There is no lag and you can't even tell there is a performance difference between the wired and wireless controllers. I've used both but own the wireless version. I've only gone through 3 sets of batteries and pretty much use the system a couple hours a night.

My system has been acting up recently with respect to what I believe is heat-related. The system locks up and has not been dependent on a particular game. I checked the web site and MS addresses the issue but none of the troubleshooting leads to the power supply or box. I hate intermittent problems! The screen has only froze once in a single player game, but many times on Xbox Live. The screen locks always result in having to reboot the system. I've been on the phone with MS on two occassions and didn't get anywhere. I'm not too worried as I bout the 2-year extended warranty. Highly recommend this. Mine came with the system as a promotion but usually costs $50.

My copy of Call of Duty 2 had to returned/exchanged due to "it" causing screen lockups. We finally determined the CD was physically "bad". A new one resulted in no problems.

Xbox Live is great, but it is not without a ton of problems. I play Call of Duty 2 all the time online and between the screen lockups, reports of dirty disks and previous downloads that strangely disappear, I'm beginning to think my $50 Gold membership wasn't worth it. I thought MS would have addressed these things during the recent couple of days offline, but didn't appear to.

Otherwise, I love my system!!

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Thanks guys. It sounds like

Thanks guys. It sounds like the wireless flaws I have seen with other systems have been addressed by Microsoft. Who would have guessed! :)

Now, on to other 360 related thoughts and decisions.

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Wireless Xbox 360 controllers

They're light, accuracy seems no different from a wired controller and the overall shape and design is wonderful (which of course also applies to the wired version). Since I got mine in a bundle, I don't remember if it came with the charging cable and rechargable batteries or not, but the charging cable doubles as a connection so you can play while the controller is charging and plugged in (and yes, it does it over the wire when plugged in, not wirelessly). I also like the fact that I can plug in the controller for charging, turn off my 360, and it will charge the controller overnight.

Battery life seems good, though there is a design flaw where you want to pop the battery pack off after you're done playing for the day, since it draws a little bit of power even when it's unused. In my setup, I ended up with two wireless controllers, each with one regular AA battery holder and one rechargeable battery pack. I also have the one wired charger connection. I use the AA battery holder if I'm in a pinch with the rechargeable packs. The AA batteries are still good from the time I got the cancel back at launch.

I never like third party controllers myself and only get them as extras.

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I got my system with HD and wireless controllers....

I got my system with HD, 1 wireless controllers and a headset -> the expensive all singing and dancing package that is cheaper than getting all items separately....

The wireless controllers are very very good - no lag. The controllers are more responsive than the original Xbox controllers, especially the analog sticks are more precise. The battery life on normal Alkaline AA batteries is just amazing. With the recharger kit you won't have to shell out for new batteries all the time. I tried using recharables, they work great but I noticed the battery compartment was a tad small for some of my rechargable batteries so I ended up opting for the recharger kit. This kit actually makes it into a wired controller - during the recharging mode - and I haven't noticed any differences in gameplay and responsiveness when the controller was hooked up via USB. But I am not 100% sure if the controller is in an actual wired mode then or that it still works via radio signals when connected to the USB port. I could try that out by connecting it to the USB port of my pc, perhaps this way the wireless controller will work like a wired controller and will function as a PC gamepad like the original wired controllers do.

The console detects and recharges your empty battery even when it's turned off.... That is the X360 never is turned of completely as it consumes about $20 USD equivalent of electricity anually.

Ouch, if this little post is a bit manic - blame it on my lack of sleep ;)

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