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We have just started an affiliate program with, which you can link to from our "Merchandise and Special Offers" page (bottom). Hopefully we can start to pass along discounts and special offers. You can click there now, by the way, and put in a pre-order for both the Nintendo Wii and PS3!

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Mark Vergeer
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VGA Adapter cable for my DC

I actually bought quite a number of items from Lik-Sang over the years:

Gp32 game console
DC controller
DC lightgun
Various DC shmup's
DC VGA adapter - with switch from and to video/vga
DC VGA adapter cable - VGA only
PS1 to USB controller adapter for PC
Saturn Game controllers
4Mb Saturn Game Genie cart allowing me to play imports on my PAL Saturn

Always good service. For European users it might be interesting to know that they also have a European based shop - which you can access through the main website - it makes shipping and paying import taxes less of a trouble/hassle and cheaper!

-= Mark Vergeer - Armchair Arcade editor =-

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What I Bought At Lik-Sang

I picked up a couple Playstation 2 controller adapters for my computer a couple years ago. They work great and are often the best way to play emulated games on the PC (with the exception of 6 button fighters). Plus I feel frugal for reusing those PS1 controllers I had going to waste.

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