Witch Pricking--The Game?

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American history buffs and folks just interested in weirdo history have probably heard of witch prickers. These were basically traveling charlatans who made their living providing "expert testimony" during witch trials (think Salem). The idea was that a real witch had a "devil's spot," or a mark somewhere under the skin that wouldn't hurt if pricked with a needle. Sound dumb? Well, you're talking about people who actually believed in witches. At any rate, now "witch pricking" is making a come-back in the form of a really bizarre Japanese game called DOKIDOKI MAJOSAIBAN (NON-WORK SAFE LINK. In what might sickeningly be called "innovation," you use the Nintendo DS's stylus to "prick" teenage girls to see which ones are witches...!

I'm really at a loss to try to explain this. Of all the subjects to make a game about--witch pricking? Perhaps this is just a joke? If it's not, then I'm truly concerned. The original "witch prickers" were scary enough (they sound like the world's most evil pervs). Let's just hope Hillary Clinton or Joe Liebermann don't get wind of this.


Mat Tschirgi (not verified)
Hentai Games are Common in Japan

Ah, this is a Hentai Game, also known as an H-Game, which means it's an Adult Game. You can find games like these in Japan in normal video game stores, though for more explicit versions you can go to an AV (Adult Video) Store and get fan-made Hentai Games or Dojin Games (fan made games based off an existing video game/tv show/etc, though not all Dojin games are Adult in nature).

There is something with the Japanese culture and its fascination on youth... Yet despite this, Japanese anime and video games do have strong depictions of female characters. It's an interesting paradox.

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